6 Steps on Creating an Effective Video RFP

6 Steps to Creating an Effective Video RFP

Here at Beverly Boy Productions, we receive several video RFPs on a weekly basis and, each and every time, the feeling is about the same. We have questions. So. Many. Questions. We see that RFPs come into the inbox and think, “who sent it? How did they find us? What kind of video do they want? How can Beverly Boy Productions help?…”

We can’t be the only video production company that has questions like this when an RFP hits the inbox. So, we’re outlining these 6 steps to creating an effective video RFP that essentially answers these questions upfront and helps us to help you.

  1. Include Links to Style References so We Understand Your Ideal Style

Determining the creative style that someone is seeking can be nearly impossible without supportive evidence to back up the idea. When creating a video request for proposal, consider sharing a few links to videos that you like or the types of videos that you are looking to create. This helps us to understand better what inspires you and gives us a better idea as to the overall voice that you would like your videos to achieve.

Links to testimonials, commercials that you have made, or even individual design elements that interest you can help us to better understand the creative direction intended for your videos. Offering high level direction when you submit your video RFP to the production company helps to break down questions that you may think have obvious answers, but that may not be so obvious to us.

Also, this helps us to decide, upfront, if we’re a good fit for your video needs or if it may be best to refer you to another production company more suited to the project. For instance, we may think that you would only send a video RFP for animation to an animator. But, if it lands in our inbox and we don’t specialize in animation, we are likely to assume you don’t want an animated video–you can see where this can get confusing right?

However, if the video RFP includes links to nothing but animated videos, we are almost certain to immediately ask you if you’re looking for an animated production. Again, if that’s something we don’t offer, we now know to refer you to someone better suited to the project. Less time is wasted on both ends.

  1. Provide a Number of Agencies that You Expect to Review Bids From

We realize you want to get several bids so that you can pick and choose the production company that will provide what you believe to be the most bang for the buck, but being transparent here is likely to result in you receiving higher quality bids for your project. In our experience, if we don’t have a number upfront, we assume you have reached out to a lot of production companies and, therefore, we may be less enthusiastic about responding. Likewise, if we see that you are intentional and have reached out to 3 or 5 video production companies with request for proposal, we become more excited about providing a quality, well-planned response.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Us About Revisions

How involved do you really want to be in the production of this video? Whether you’re a hands-on manager or the hands-off type that just wants a finished project that exceeds your expectations, asking us upfront about the revision process helps us both to define a process that makes sense. While we naturally have a revision process of our own, if you ask upfront and provide us with clear expectations, we can more easily ensure that your needs are met too.

Often times, the revision goals of our production company and your company will overlap. Somewhere during the first and second rounds at each stage of the production we should see eye to eye and have a clear set of expectations that can work for us both to get the project completed in a timely and effective manner.

  1. Ask for My References

Maybe Beverly Boy Productions, or some other production company was offered to you as a recommendation. You submit a video request for proposal and await a response. You decide to stick with us, and later learn that our creatives don’t really align with what you had in mind. Oh no! Avoid this by asking for references up front and checking them out to ensure the relationship begins on the right terms.

Most production companies have a few clients willing to offer reference for them and help to build strong future relationships with additional potential clients. Don’t be afraid to talk to my references about things like how the process works, what collaboration is like, the realistic timeframe for project completion and any other nitty gritty details you’re afraid to ask us point blank.

  1. Ask the Video Production Agency to Describe their Top Skills

If you request that the video production agency tell you, in the video RFP, what their top skills are and what they know they can, without a doubt, do better than any other agency, and you don’t like what you see–you instantly know to keep looking. This also helps you to learn more about the agency you are considering for your project so it’s important to understand where their key strengths are and how those strengths may apply to your project.

  1. Ask the Production Agency About their Team- Who is On the Team & Why?

Asking who is on the team and why they are on the team will help you to further understand the capacity in which this team is able to help with your project. It also allows the ability for you to check backgrounds and profiles in advance. Consider LinkedIn and other sources to review the team members from each agency and determine the best agency for your project based on the qualifications of the team members available to assist.

Here’s what to expect next in the video RFP process:

  • Submit your video RFP to no more than 10 agencies.
  • You video RFP will likely be reviewed in 2-3 business days.
  • Call each company to discuss the contents of the RFP and clarify any last minute details.
  • You will then receive a filled out RFP / proposal that is sent over by each agency.
  • Review each and do your homework to determine the top few companies on your list.
  • Select the finalists and ask for proposal presentation from the video production agencies you list.
  • Once you make a decision on a final bid winner, notify all agencies that you have made a decision–even if it was not to go with their bid.
  • Select Beverly Boy Productions for your next video project!

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