6 Industries Investing in Online Corporate Video in 2023

Video is gaining ground. Many businesses have shifted to online, virtual experiences and many are operating online for the first time as a result of COVID-19, Coronavirus, and social distancing regulations. As video gains traction and continues to prove to be a popular marketing tool that is highly effective, big industries are investing in online corporate video production for 2023. These 6 industries stand to implement powerful, effective video content.

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 Travel Industry

The travel industry has been deeply impacted by COVID-19, but this will certainly not prevent them from continuing to invest in video content to bridge the gap between far off places and the consumer. Online corporate video content for travel and hospitality industry business owners focuses on providing potential customers with virtual experiences that emulate the real thing — without requiring travel. Video focuses on helping consumers see what makes a location unique, safe, enticing, and otherwise idea for a visit. 

Understanding the Do's and Don’ts When Traveling with Batteries

 Public Relations Industry

Public relations firms know the importance of marketing content, so it’s really no wonder that they’re investing in online corporate video for 2023. Many PR firms are producing quality social media videos and branded video content to increase consumer awareness and understanding of their produce and service offerings. PR firms are also investing in video content for training programs to help the consumer learn new tasks as well as to train their new employees. 

 E-Commerce Industry

In early 2020, e-commerce shops like Zappos and various other retailers were shifting much of their marketing to video content, but COVID seemed to streamline and speed that up a bit. Most e-commerce businesses are now using online corporate video content opportunities to build awareness among consumers and boost hype around products to encourage consumers to purchase. Online corporate video content for e-commerce business owners represents a unique way to build a lifestyle around the brand — not just another “purchase.”


 Finance Industry

The finance industry is producing online corporate video content to help customers get to know bank brands as well as to teach consumers how to participate in various financial transactions. Explainer videos are commonly used in the finance industry to help consumers understand concepts around investing, banking, trusts, annuities, and other complex topics. This industry has used video for some time but recently has implemented significantly more online corporate video content for customers to get better acquainted with their transaction banking.

finance training

 Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has struggled in many areas of the country and has surged in other areas. The use of online corporate videos for the real estate industry represents an opportunity to reach further and wider with their content while helping to educate viewers on various topics relative to the industry including how to get a mortgage and how to understand or follow market trends. Real estate owners seeking to get their properties in front of Millennials (who stand to saturate the market in the coming years) must use video in their marketing to compare, there’s really no other option!

Healthcare Industry

Doctors, surgeons, and all healthcare providers throughout the industry are investing in online corporate video content to help consumers better understand healthcare practice and industry terminology as well as what it means to be diagnosed with various forms of illness and disease. Online corporate videos help consumers feel more connected to the provider while learning more about concepts that they are most interested in (and often afraid to ask about in-person).

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