5 Types of Employee Onboarding Training Videos for Improved Employee Retention

5 Types of Employee Onboarding Training Videos for Improved Employee Retention

Did you know that business analysts have found that employee retention is approximately 86% for brands that utilize effective employee onboarding processes. That’s more than 30% higher than the average employee retention rate for brands that don’t formally onboard their new hires. With the average cost of hiring a new employee upwards of $4,100 according to, few businesses can truly afford to fail to initiate employee onboarding training. Checkout these 5 types of employee onboarding training videos for improved employee retention.

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1 Corporate Policies and Procedures Onboarding Videos

You’ve worked hard to implement corporate policies that fit within your business — don’t let it all fall down the drain by handing employees a policy book and telling them to read all 200 pages. An important part of introducing new employees to your business is providing them the critical components of corporate policy and procedure. Doing so via employee onboarding training videos that provide detailed information on the intricacies of working for your business has a two fold benefit. You’ll keep employees around and you’ll benefit from the fact that video is retained by those who watch it up to 80% more than written text.

2 Short Onboarding Tutorial Videos for All the “Small Stuff”

How many times have we all heard, “don’t sweat the small stuff,” …  “and it’s ALL small stuff.” But, when it comes to little things around the office like how to operate the copy scanner or how to login to the employee enrichment training server, or how to exit the building during a fire drill (or an actual fire), knowing what to do can make a newly hired employee feel more at ease with his or her position. Rather than explaining all of these things to your new employees and hoping (or expecting) that they remember it all, include a series of short tutorial videos or employees to view that will help them around the office with all the “small stuff.”

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3 Team Welcoming Onboarding Videos

A new employee can feel distanced if he or she is not formally welcomed to the team. However, a big welcome meeting can be overwhelming. To set employees up for working together with the rest of the team, deliver them various employee onboarding training videos that help them to get acquainted with the rest of the team. A welcome video from the rest of the team that helps the employee to learn who the top managers are, what key staff members do, and who to reach out to for things like HR, corporate questions, or other matters will help them to feel more comfortable and like they can stick around with the team long-term.

4 Knowledge Sharing Onboarding Videos

Is a particular new employee taking over for another employee? Sharing knowledge via an onboarding training video can help the new employee to understand the various details of processes and procedures that the previous team member utilized to get the job done. Further, providing these details in video allow the new team member to engage on his or her own time and to revert back to the video as needed for information.

5 Employee Skills Training Onboarding Videos

New employees or employees that are moving into another role can benefit greatly from access to employee onboarding training videos that help them to acquire new skills that are relative to their new position. Part of the onboarding process should focus on providing new employees information and insight that will help them to succeed at their day-to-day initiatives. These kinds of videos can minimize information overload that otherwise comes from several early days of training packed into a short timeframe when an employee first starts a position.

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