2023 Trends in Corporate Video Production with Actionable Insights

As a business owner, these 2023 trends in corporate video production are important not only for you to focus on, but to execute! That’s why we’re providing a list of the top trends in corporate video production that we think will be the driving force behind video marketing campaigns for corporate businesses along with actionable insights that can be used to kick off your video marketing in 2023.

Hybrid Events are Here to Stay

If you’re a business owner that will provide any kind of conference, gathering, concert, or similar event than you need to know that hybrid is the way to go! Corporate business owners must know that consumers are not ready, nor are they willing, nor do they want to go back to online only or in-public only events. While there is a push for more live events, especially as communities attempt to push past COVID-19, plenty of consumers are happy to keep the entire process virtual. Thus, the smartest corporate business owners are going to take the necessary steps and engage live stream video production to deliver a hybrid experience which connects those who are less than excited to get out and about with an equally engaging opportunity that they can use at home.

Influencer Marketing will nearly Double

If you’re not working with some of the top influencers, or even some of the micro-influencers which stand to introduce your brand to 100K people or more, you are totally, 100% missing out!  In one of the most important 2023 trends in corporate video production for brands to pay attention to, we’re expecting influencer marketing to gain nearly double the attention. In fact, not only will the influencer marketing industry increase from $9.7 billion to a predicated $15 billion in 2023, but brands are expected to budget more than 20% of their marketing budget to influencers. 

Corporations and business owners that are looking for ways to maximize their investments on influencer marketing should pay very close attention to producing videos in conjunction with micro-influencers as well as spending some time focusing on artificial intelligence. Think shoppable videos and the use of heightened technology in order to find and work with influencers that are ideal for your brand!

Attracting & Engaging Audiences More Important than Ever

For business of all shapes and sizes Google’s announcement to no longer cater to the cookie will definitely change the way brands interact with consumers and stake a claim at the information they’re able to gather. Businesses that are not already using corporate video production to their advantage to build strong relationships with their audiences and collect first-hand data through polls, experiments, and analytics tracking will quickly find that they no longer have access to information that was once hybrid 

More brands than ever before are going to be using corporate video production in 2023 to gather information about their audience and provide relevant marketing and advertising in order to facilitate sales. This is a path that has never before been considered with so much forward momentum, but changes to data collection through cookie policies initiated by Google will force the implementation of first-party data collection among consumer brands. 

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Becomes Prominent

VR video

Rapidly gaining attention in 2023, augmented reality or virtual reality content is going to be incredibly important to corporate brands in 2023. In fact, of all the 2023 trend sin corporate video production, we believe more consumer brands than ever before will introduce AR/VR tactics into their 2023 corporate video production and marketing campaigns.

The use of the 360° view, as well as special headsets and lenses, will continue to grow as more brands shift their focus to VR and digital experiences that incorporate the digital, augmented reality experience. Augmented reality will allow users to try on, try out, and otherwise personalize the products they’re interested in before they purchase them. This is particularly powerful if you if you’re selling furniture, clothing, household goods, makeup or a variety of products which can easily be “added” to a virtual environment before initiating a shopping experience online.

In fact, recent studies found that the use of online shopping, particularly a solutions based shopping experience that includes the use of a smartphone to engage in augmented reality to test and try new products before purchasing, will rise exponentially for brands and business owners.

Hyper-Personalization is Key

In following the 2023 trends in corporate video production that we believe will not only influence how brands and businesses deliver key content, but also how consumers will interact, we find that hyper-personalization is more important in corporate video marketing than it ever has been in the past. In fact 91% of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that offer relevant products, services, or recommendations that go along with a personal experience that suits them. 

In 2023, hyper-personalization of branded video content, including both pre-recorded video and live-video, will be more important than ever before.  Therefore corporate business owners that are seeking to stay on the 2023 trends in corporate video production will have to have a strong personalization strategy with their video content.

You’re going to need ads that focus specifically on the messaging being delivered and how it connects with the audience, resonates with them and delivers personalization. This means delivering adverts based on things like browsing behavior or individual needs, offering product demonstrations that go along with purchases, and delivering related product recommendations along with purchase pages.

Are these 2023 trends in corporate video production as exciting to you as they are to us? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call to learn more about putting corporate video marketing to work for you!

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