How to Make a Marketing Video for My Business

Marketing videos are gaining a lot of traction especially with Google placing value on websites that include videos. Small businesses and big brands are shifting focus and it’s got many asking how to make a marketing video for their business.

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The fact is, learning how to make a marketing video for your business is a multistep process that begins with planning and ends with post-production editing and distribution, but there’s quite a bit that goes on in-between.

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#1. Pre-Production for a Marketing Video

Before you can make a marketing video for your business you’ve got to plan. There’s a lot of pre-production planning that goes into producing marketing content.

Essentially, pre-production is a time to plan out your goals, expectations, audience details, and all of the essential elements that will be included in your video.

Scripts & Storyboards

You’ll also need to focus on preparing a script and storyboard. Hire a professional script writer to help you produce a marketing video that’s going to truly connect with your audience and make an impact.

Professional script writers and production companies like Team Beverly Boy can help you produce a storyboard that outlines the camera angles, shots, and scenes for your video.

The planning that takes place in pre-production is absolutely essential to your marketing video success. Failure to plan can lead to a lot of mistakes in production and may result in your video not being as successful overall.

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#2. Production

Great marketing videos tell great stories! The real fun happens in production. This is where the camera crew, cast, and your script will come together and the story will begin to play out. The entire production process will take between 1 and 7 days for most marketing videos.

It’s essential that each and every scene that is filmed is tightly focused and highly consistent with what your target audience would connect with and relate to.

The production process may be mostly hands off for you if you hire a professional to help you make a marketing video for your brand, but that’s okay! When production is over, you’ll immediately watch your project move into the final phase – post-production editing and distribution.

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#3. Post-Production

The post-production process of producing a marketing video for your business is much like post-production for any other form of video content. There’s a lot of editing, the addition of special effects and graphics. A little bit of music and narration syncing. And a whole lot of fun!

Post-production editing can take several days for a short marketing video. Expect several hours of editing per minute of finished video content. Keep this in mind as you’re waiting for the first run of your marketing video project.

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#4. Final Step

When you see the first edited version of your video, make sure that you provide as much critical feedback as you can. This is your time to connect with the production team and deliver key details that will help them to make any corrections or changes that are most conducive to the success of your finished film.

The final cut will take a few days to produce but will be worth the wait! Of course, all of this probably sounds like a lot to consider if you’re considering how to make a marketing video for your own business. For professional production, give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808!

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