Debunking Video Content Myths

Debunking Video Content Myths [Understand the Value of Video]

Video content is a valuable addition to any marketing mix when done right but there are several myths that prevent businesses from producing more video content as part of their overall marketing strategy. We’re debunking video content myths and helping you to understand the value of video marketing for your business. In the end, we hope to reassure you about the true value of video while cutting through some of the misinformation that exists.

Myth #1: Video Content is Overly Expensive

One of the most common myths about video content is that it is expensive and simply out of range for small businesses. In the past, this was probably true. However, today video content ranges in price from highly affordable to what may be considered highly expensive to some businesses. Overall, there’s affordable video content options for all price ranges and budgets.

Even on a strict budget, video content can be produced for your business or brand. Using an iPhone or basic digital camera, freelance videographers can produce films on a very low budget. If you have nothing to contribute to the production, you can attempt to take the video yourself for free!

Video content becomes more affordable with each day that new products and services in the field are introduced. Even video production companies like Beverly Boy Productions are now offering professional quality video content that is extremely affordable when compared to the hundreds of thousands that previously were required to produce branded video content in the past.

Myth #2: Video Content is Hard to Plan Out

A lot of business owners say they can’t come up with any ideas for video content or they don’t know what to create videos about. This is a poor excuse NOT to do video content as the value of video makes it an absolutely essential element to a businesses marketing mix. If you can’t think of something to create content around, consider re-purposing some of your old, high performing blog content into a video.

Another great idea is to create videos that showcase your office, storefront or brand. To come up with ideas for video content, take the following steps:

  • Write down any ideas that come to mind when you think about video content. There’s no right or wrong when you brainstorm.
  • Ask people what they think and if they have any ideas for video content that would be interesting and relative to your business or brand.

If you really just can’t seem to come up with any ideas, contact a video production company such as Beverly Boy Productions to hand over the reins to a professional. We’ll develop video concepts that work with your marketing goals to drive business for your brand.exterior filming with a teleprompter

Myth #3:  Video Content Won’t Work for My Brand

The value of video content is truly underrated by more brands and this myth absolutely shows that.  No business in today’s digital age would NOT benefit from video content. Every business today could benefit and find value in video content!

Video is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Videos increase click through rates.
  • Videos reduce bounce rate.
  • Videos increase conversions.
  • Videos improve SEO rankings.
  • Videos increase amount of time spent on a website.
  • Videos help your audience get to know your brand.

If you need more reasons to choose video content for your brand, why not make a video and see the benefits for yourself?

Myth #4: Businesses Only Need Commercials, No Other Video Content is Necessary

Some businesses mistakenly believe that the only valuable type of video content for their brand is a commercial and this is absolutely WRONG! In fact, commercials are kind of a love/hate thing. You either love them, or you hate them, but either way, you need them.

However, there are so many great forms of video content that your brand can benefit from in addition to commercials. Thinks like virtual video tours to show prospective employees or customers your office space, and event videos that showcase the community interactions that your business enjoys with others. You could make promo videos and fundraiser videos, product guide videos and tutorials. There are so many options to use video as part of your marketing mix — not just commercials!

Myth #5:  Videos Are Useless Unless They Go Viral

Viral videos are great for a business or brand, but there are truly hit or miss. You may make 1 video that goes viral or you may make 10,000 videos that never go viral. You won’t really know until the video is created and the viewers start to see and share.

However, you don’t need viral video content in order for it to be valuable for your brand. Video, viral or not, can boost several benchmarks for your brand including time on site, SEO rankings, customer retention, brand awareness and many others.

There is no formula for crafting a viral video, but there is one common element to every viral video — it was created! If you aren’t creating videos, you won’t ever go viral. If you keep creating videos, you stand a chance to hit the viral video jackpot at least sometime–but again, there are no guarantees.

So now that you understand what’s myth and what isn’t when it comes to the value of video content, are you ready to get started?

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