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Team Beverly Boy has been working in the Tallahassee area producing video conferences for over 15 years. If you are looking for someone to film your conference in the Florida area, then you are going to want to take advantage of our many resources and the swift timing that we offer which are two things that you will want to consider as you are looking for someone to create a video production of your conference. Our company understands that you are trying to juggle a lot while hosting or participating in a convention or trade show, so we would like to help you! We can help take the video portion off your hands while making sure that it still flows smoothly with all of the moving pieces in your puzzle. It does not matter if you are hosting a business expo or a holiday gala, we are there to work alongside your team so that you can experience a smooth production process.

Top Tallahassee Conferences

Being that we are a Tallahassee conference video production company, we have had the chance to work with a wide assortment of venues across the city. Tallahassee has had the privilege of hosting a lot of conferences over the years. The first conference is the Annual American Dental Congress that is held at The Doubletree Hotel in Tallahassee. This conference is held every year and is a great way for dentists to network with others so that they are able to pull in new customers as well as get up to speed on what is new in the dental world. Another expo is the Fall Career and Internship Expo that is held at the University Center Club at FSU. The University invites some of the leading hospitality organizations to the campus so that they are able to recruit from the top hospitality students for internships and future careers. At each of these conferences, our company has been able to capture great b-roll and footage of interactions between the participants.

Corporate Meeting Venues in Houston

Tallahassee offers a wonderful landscape for almost any industry to hold their conventions. If you are looking to hold a workshop or a smaller business meeting, you can always use the Florida State Conference center which has nine meeting rooms that can accommodate twenty booths. Or, you can use the Tallahassee Leon County Civic center. It has seven meeting rooms and can accommodate five hundred and fifteen booths. But, not every convention is small! The University at Tallahassee is a great place to hold your larger conferences. The Startup/ Small Business Mentoring meeting held at the TCC Center for Innovation is a small conference that is meant for those looking to start their own business or get some mentoring on how to get their business up and running. At the smaller conventions, we are able to capture excellent interviews as the informative workshops that you may have.

Large Conference Venues in Tallahassee

Tallahassee conference video production services can cover any conference large or small. For the bigger trade shows or corporate conventions that you are hosting, we have a few places that we would recommend. The Donald L. Tucker Civic Center will house up to five thousand people which would be perfect for any conventions or holiday galas you may hold. Or, if you are looking to hold your meeting outside, the FSU Reservation can accommodate up to a thousand people. Both of the large convention areas provide great opportunities to film with a thirty to forty-foot jib so that we are able to get all of the most compelling shots of your audience as you deliver your information.


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    Providing the top Tallahassee conference video production services has made it to where we are able to branch out and work in a number of regions across the country. On our page, you are able to see a few of the conferences that we have had the privilege of helping with. We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients in order to capture the essence of their event entirely. Whether it’s a festival, a concert, or an awards presentation, we are going to be able to document every moment. When we film conferences we usually work with a Sony FS7 or Canon C300 so that we have the flexibility to use a variety of lenses in order to provide you with a great product post-production. We are also here to help you with A/V, live streaming, and multi-stage events. We also cover conferences in Bainbridge, Albany, Springfield, Dawson, and Panama City FL.



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