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Chicago live streaming production allows for interaction between your event and your audience in a real time setting. It doesn’t matter if you’ve used live streaming tech before or are just starting out, you may wonder about some aspect of the live streaming process. We’re here to help by answering some of the most commonly asked questions below.   

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What is Live Streaming Production & How Does it Work?

Chicago live streaming video production is a technology that has only recently become popular. It uses real time video content online that can be shared with the audience of your choosing. It is often delivered on social media networks but sometimes is streamed on a locked platform that is password-protected. It can also be shared via website. 

Some companies like to stream their private events on a website that is protected by password while for public events, they want their live stream to be seen by as many people as possible. Obviously, where you stream your content is largely dependent on who you are trying to reach.

Who Can Watch my Live Stream?

Going back to the first question, where you stream your content will affect who can see it. You can stream content for everyone to see or share it only with specific people. There are platforms that make it easy for the general public to see what you’re streaming while there are other options like geo-blocked location services that restrict some countries. Who can watch your live stream? It’s up to you. 

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Will the Live Stream Production be High Quality?

As with everything, the kind of professional you choose to help you will affect the quality of your product. In this case, the producer you work with should know which steps to take to achieve live stream quality that won’t disappoint. The goal is to create a live stream that allows your viewers the opportunity to feel like they are a part of the event in-person. That’s the quality you’re going for. 

Where the cameras are placed, how the lighting is set up, and the audio gear used for the job, all impact the final quality. Keep in mind that part of the experience is to ensure that your live audience has a great view as well. When you work with a quality video production company, you can trust that all these things will be considered and the experience will be optimal for everyone involved. 

How Many Cameras will Be Used?

The amount of cameras that are used to film live stream production are dependent on what your vision is and what the event may be. Several cameras at once should help to get great shots and angles, and is especially beneficial when you want to capture both the event and the audience’s reaction. A talented director knows how to get top angles and perspectives to deliver a result that is much like what you’d expect from a television show that is shot in real time. This kind of shoot also helps you be able to use the content for on-demand purposes with little to no post-production efforts.  

Vienna live streaming cameras

Can We Stream on More than One Platform?

Technically, yes, you can basically stream on as many platforms as you’d like. But, if you want to do this, you’ll need to talk with your production company in advance to make sure everything is in order for you to be able to stream on your website, Facebook, Youtube, and more. When you plan, it’s easier to ensure that everything will be successful, wherever you decide to stream. 

Can We Include Graphics or Music?

You can include things like text overlays, logos, and call-to-action details on a live stream, as well as music but like many things having to do with live streaming, you’ll want to plan in advance. Fully-licensed music can be shared through the live stream, but keep in mind that sites like Facebook may have limits for copyrighted music. This is where advanced notice and preparation is important for the success of your project, whether you want to include music or graphics.  

What is On-Demand Streaming?

Many companies take it a step further by also offering on-demand video for those who weren’t able to see the live stream in real time. Typically, on-demand video can be seen after the live stream and usually it’s password-protected for when the company decides they want to share it with their audience. 

How Long Does Live Streaming Production Take to Set Up?

Setting up for Chicago live streaming production typically takes around 3 to 4 hours before the event to set up everything from IT elements to the gear needed for the live stream. This is to ensure that the live stream itself is a complete success. When cameras and set are tested and ready, IT staff can make sure that there are no network issues and that everything is ready-to-go for the live stream. 

ual Mics Set Up for this Commercial Shoot

What Can Go Wrong?

There is a lot that can go wrong but the way to prevent issues like power outages or poor lighting, etc., is to work with a team that knows their stuff. The thing about live streaming is that it’s almost impossible to fix problems DURING the live stream, at least not without causing a disruption to the broadcast. What can go wrong in a live stream? A lot can. 

However, when you work with a professional crew with expertise and experience, your live stream production can be successful with little to no mishaps along the way. From disruptions to cameras not working, when you work with a top-notch team, these challenges are easy to overcome to ensure your live stream stays on track. 

Why Live Stream?

Live streamed events make it easy to reach a much broader audience than ever before. If you’re still considering if live streaming is for you, think about these following statistics: 

  • When live streaming began in 2016, the industry was already valued at more than $30B. It is projected to grow into a $70B industry in the next two years. 
  • 81% more online users viewed live stream content in 2016 than in 2015 and this number continues to increase every year.
  • 63% of those aged 18-34 years old watch live-streamed video content regularly. 
  • People 35-54 create and use their own live stream content. 
  • Live streaming video content creates active user engagement that simply can’t be accomplished any other way. 

If you haven’t been using live stream content, maybe now is the time! If you need help with Chicago live streaming production, just drop us a line at Beverly Boy Productions . We’d love to help you out!

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