Choosing the Right Toronto Media Production Companies

If you’re new to video production, and just considering the addition of video to your marketing campaigns, you’re probably not really sure about what to expect. The decision to add video content to your marketing campaigns likely came without question. It’s choosing the right Toronto media production companies to work with for your project that’s the challenging.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we actually devote time to helping clients to better understand the importance of planning their own projects and needs to help them choose the most appropriate production company to work with. We recognize that many of our Toronto clients have questions about finding and choosing Toronto media production companies to work with. That’s why we put together this list of helpful tips

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      1. Consider Local References First

Before choosing Toronto media production companies to work with, we recommend that clients consider any local references or resources that they have first. This way they can get information from other area business owners, friends or family, and various other means to help them further decide on the most appropriate production crew for them. Ask any business owner or local that you know is using video in their marketing campaigns who they work with. Consult social media and search engines to come up with a list of options to choose from.

      2. Define Your Needs & Quality Requirements

If you’ve never produced video content for your business before, you’re probably going to have to do a little research before choosing Toronto media production companies from your list. You also need to have working knowledge of the various types of video content and styles that are available.

As with anything, video production is a rather in-depth process that requires some understanding and a bit of practice to fully grasp the concept.

Content Style

What kind of video are you creating? What style do you like? Are there any particular techniques that you wish you could see in your own video content? These are all important considerations for you to make before you hire a Toronto media production company to work on your project.

It’s also important for you to have your budget and timeline figured out. How much do you have to invest in your video? Is there a specific time by which it must be completed or can you be flexible with the day date? Don’t expect Toronto media production companies to immediately start your project just because you say you need it done by a certain time. They’ll likely have other obligations on their list and may not be able to start your projects early or even right away.

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     3. Review Portfolio & Recent Project Styles

Remember when we asked you what kind of video you intend to create and what you like? That’s because choosing Toronto media production companies requires you to sort through the various opportunities in the city based on their individual skills, style, and professional quality.

Check the portfolios of each of the production companies on your list to determine who’s got the skills and techniques that are most suitable for your video needs.

As you shop around and analyze past projects, keep in mind that the more elaborate your video content is, the more expensive it can quickly become.  While we don’t believe you should compromise your vision for your budget, it’s important to understand that some types of video and styles of content are simply just more expensive than others.

Don’t underestimate the value of a job well done!

     4. Ask Questions & Communicate In-Person

Choosing Toronto media production companies requires a lot of research and communication on your end, especially as you get closer to making the final decision. As you narrow down your list of opportunities, it is important to begin some serious communication between your team and theirs.

Ask questions about their production style, timeline, and processes. They should also ask you questions about your project, your business, and your brand. This will help them to get to know you better and can add to the overall success of your video production.

Any Toronto media production companies that seem less than enthusiastic or less than interested in your production needs are likely not the most suitable contender for your project. Keep notes about your communications and how each company makes you feel when you chat with them. You’ll use these notes with your other research to make your final decision.

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     5. Request Written Proposals

Asking for quotes or project proposals in writing will allow you to compare each offer side by side along with your own notes on professionalism, project knowledge, communication and various other elements.

Choosing between the various Toronto media production companies that you’ve spoken with and received proposals from is a matter of taking a step back and reviewing all of the research that you’ve done.

How did each company make you feel? What is the proposal for each company like? Which company appeared to have the most professional work? Who seemed most enthusiastic about working with your business?

The ultimate decision on which of the Toronto media production companies you’ll work with is largely dependent upon the research that you did leading up to this point – make it count!

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