Top 8 Options For Great Chicago Camera Rentals

Need top Chicago camera rentals for your next project in The Windy City? We have put together some of our top picks in the area. With the way things are done these days, camera rental houses in Chicago are becoming very popular. Due to the uptick in video production projects and ways of marketing, there has been a high in Ad agencies, Networks and video production companies alike tapping into the city market to rent camera gear for their shoots. 

If you want to use a full GandE package, a 4k camera rental, or just a dolly or steady cam to get a great shot, camera rental houses are the ideal option for you. You can even get specialized filming gear shipped to you like a RED Monstro 8k or Insta360 II Spherical VR 360 camera from some shops as well. Our list of resources should help you get started on finding the right rental shop for your needs.

1. Pro Gear Rental

Pro Gear Rental has it all, from cameras to lenses, lighting and monitors. From insurance to contract, Pro Gear Rental is a professional, transparent option that makes it easy for you to rent gear without all the added stress and fuss.

2. Dodd Professional

Dodd Professional offers sweet deals and promotions regularly, so you may be able to rent the perfect package at any given time. From camera supports to state-of-the-art cameras, lighting and more, you’ll be sure to find the quantity you need at Dodd Professional.

3. Zacuto

Zacuto is big on quality, from the content they design to the gear that they rent. You’ll find anything from the Gratical HD to the Gratical X at Zacuto and also be dealing with a personable and reliable option in the city.

4. Eleven 04

From students making their first films to independent filmmakers making top films, there are plenty of reasons to rent equipment and Eleven04 caters to people like you. The 1-2-3 step process of renting is as easy as can be—just another good reason to rent from them.

Chicago, a top city where you can you rent camera gear for your shoot

Best Chicago corporate video production

Best Chicago corporate video production

The city of Chicago offers top locations that will help you find a great background for your film project. Take “the Bean,” a popular landmark located in Millennium Park. Chicago also offers great locations to feed your camera crew once filming is complete, like Girl and the Goat. Chicago, Illinois is very film friendly, so you won’t have a problem when you contact the local Chicago film office for more details on permits and local accessibility. With the resources on this list, finding the best Chicago camera rentals will be easier than ever.

5. Daufenbach Camera

Large and in charge, Daufenbach offers a large array of gear to choose from for your project. Staying on top of the trends, they are always one step ahead in what they rent out to clients. Daufenbach Camera also offers ideal customer service, making it easy to rent from them.

6. All Pro Audio Visual

Renting out gear to the nation is what All Pro Audio Visual is great at. Whether you are near or far, they have what it takes for your project. Not only do they offer great equipment rental, but they’re available for tech support as well.

7. Panavision

Grip, heads, cranes, digital cameras, film options and more can be found at Panavision, one of the city’s local favorites. Not only do they offer great camera rentals but they also have an amazing filmmaker program and theater, making them a versatile option for many.

8. Film Gear Chicago

Need gear? They have it. Need camera support? Film Gear Chicago is on top of it. Offering a variety of options for any type of project, they also offer versatile options when you need gear you can’t find anywhere else these are the go to guys for Chicago camera rentals.

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