Why are PTZ Cameras for Live Events a Great Choice

Why are PTZ Cameras for Live Events a Great Choice?

If you’re a venue that hosts live events on a regular basis, you’ve probably already heard about PTZ cameras. The use of PTZ cameras for live events represents a great choice! Particularly if you’re looking to regularly host live events. And the idea of bulky camera equipment being all over the place isn’t really what you’re looking for.

In fact, there are many reasons why we think PTZ cameras for live events are a great choice. But we’ll only get into a few of the main reasons here.

1. Remote Operation

PTZ cameras feature remote operation that allows the camera operator to function the camera from virtually anywhere.

If camera operation is to take place on-site, a joystick style remote control allows for absolute ease of use.

In fact, one can operate the PTZ camera with a joystick that includes push button capabilities for pan, tilt, zoom and a variety of other image capture features.

2. Pan, Tilt & Zoom for Maximum Coverage

The use of PTZ cameras for live events is a great choice if you’re interested in maximizing your coverage with just a few cameras.

In fact, because these cameras provide panning from left to right, tilting up and down, and zooming in or out to provide wide views of the venue, you’ll find that you can maximize coverage of your venue with ease.

In fact, PTZ cameras feature near effortless digital zoom and motion capabilities that will allow you to produce professional footage of your event.

3. Joystick Capabilities from a Single Camera Operator

Filming your live event with the PTZ camera system provides the ability for you to capture an entire venue with just a single camera operator.

Once the PTZ camera system is installed into your venue and the desired presets have been established? You can literally hire a single camera operator to handle all of the camera functions during the event.

Joystick capabilities mean that virtually anyone, with limited, or advanced camera operation skills, can operate the PTZ camera units.

In fact, PTZ cameras can be operated with just basic push button operation once the joystick and other features have been programmed.

4. Preprogrammed Features & Motions

PTZ cameras can be programmed to provide the desired functionality for your live event.

When you choose PTZ cameras for live events that you host, you can work with the camera installation crew to decide what preprogrammed features you want to include.

Once programming is complete, you can rest assured that with just basic operation from a PC or from the joystick you can operate the unit.

5. Discreet Cameras for Minimum Interruption

Are you worried about interrupting your audience or about your live event being otherwise impacted by the camera operator? PTZ cameras provide almost entirely discreet camera operation.

Once installed into the venue, you can rest assured that the cameras will almost be entirely out of view. As they can be mounted either on the ceiling, on walls or via pole mounts.

You’ll love having PTZ cameras for live events that you host in the future!

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