Hiring a PTZ Camera Crew For Your Event

Hiring a PTZ Camera Crew For Your Event

The term “PTZ” stands for “pan/tilt/zoom” and it represents a robotic camera that delivers powerful capabilities from a robotic unit that generally requires just a single operator. Hiring a PTZ camera crew to broadcast your event from a remote location allows you to create the appearance of a live broadcast for your audience.  Beverly Boy Productions cam broadcast your event live to a worldwide audience.

Web Livestreaming Crew

Thinking about hiring a PTZ camera crew for your event? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call, we’ll broadcast your event using powerful equipment, advanced features, and electronic interfaces.

Which are specifically designed for full remote camera broadcasting.

What is a PTZ Camera?

A PTZ camera represents a pan/tilt/zoom camera in which there are capabilities for the camera to pan left and right, tilt up and town, or zoom in or out in order to capture the desired coverage.

These cameras have powerful capabilities to capture wide-area coverage as well as close ups and allow our camera crew to broadcast your event all while we work from an entirely remote location. 

PTZ cameras come fully equipped with a variety of features that allow the camera operator to robotically program various positions and actions.

Or movements that are appropriate for each filming project.

Consider This

For example, a PTZ camera might zoom in as a response to a particular event or it could otherwise move according to pre-set positioning that is programmed by the PTZ camera crew in advance. 

Why Hire a PTZ Camera Crew?

If hiring a PTZ camera crew isn’t something that you were already considering, you might be asking yourself, “WHY?” Why should you hire a PTZ camera crew to assist with your production?

There are actually a number of reasons to consider hiring a PTZ camera crew like Team Beverly Boy!


  • PTZ cameras are expensive, but hiring a crew means you work off their equipment and quite a bit of the costs hang on the crew rather than with your business.
  • The crew can work remotely so that there is no interruption with your event.
  • Broadcasting your events in real-time becomes entirely possible.
  • Multiple camera angles are entirely accessible.
  • A single camera operator is responsible for the entire broadcast.

Benefits of Hiring a PTZ Camera Crew

Hiring a PTZ camera crew has a number of potential benefits. Naturally, you want to be able to broadcast your events to your desired audience.

And you don’t want things like camera operators and other elements to interrupt your space.

When you hire a PTZ camera crew, one of the first things you’re likely to notice is that as soon as the crew has set the cameras and essential equipment in place, there’s no other interruptions.

In fact, PTZ camera crews can come in, install the camera system, and then they can leave the venue to work remotely operating the camera from an entirely different location. 

Working Remotely

PTZ camera crews can actually capture footage of your event or program at desired times and intervals at your request.

In fact, once the PTZ camera system is in place? The operator can work remotely as desired to capture footage and broadcast your event to the world from anywhere, anytime.

This makes broadcasting events easier and it also makes creating video forage easier overall for a business or brand.

Hiring a PTZ camera crew has the following benefits:

  • Dedicated crew that focuses on ensuring absolute quality for your broadcast. 
  • Expertise with PTZ camera equipment and technology.
  • Live streaming experience from a professional crew.
  • Professional control of every aspect of the broadcast, you’ll know you’re in good hands.
  • Integrated technology that ensures broadcast quality.
  • High-resolution footage that your audience will appreciate.

Who Needs to Think About Hiring a PTZ Camera Crew?

If you’re not sure whether your business could benefit from hiring a PTZ camera crew, or you’re not sure what types of businesses are most likely to benefit from a PTZ camera crew?

Consider the fact that more and more businesses and brands are working remotely which is resulting in advanced need for professional video capabilities in a variety of business scenarios. 

For Example

Your business might consider hiring a PTZ camera crew if it hosts frequent conferences in-house that are ideal to broadcast to a large team.

Your business could also benefit from hiring a PTZ camera crew if your business regularly delivers engaging speeches or other displays that your audience could benefit from. 


Does your business frequently use a webcam? Hiring a PTZ camera crew can resolve many of the issues that you face in using a webcam.

And is ideal for a variety of situations that are webcam is otherwise used for. It’s just much better!

In Summation

If you live stream frequently, hiring a PTZ camera crew can help you to achieve greater success with your broadcasts.

While not only delivering higher quality footage to your audience but also while saving your team time and money. 

The Takeaway

Hiring a PTZ camera crew is ideal for a church, college, sporting venue, school, or business.

In fact, just about any business that regularly broadcasts or live streams to any audience could benefit greatly from hiring a PTZ camera crew.

If this sounds like you and your business, give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808!

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