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When it comes to the business certification & IT school industry, educational services are largely focused on providing postsecondary education that includes vocational, on-the-job training and skill-building activities for students. These schools will generally offer associate’s degrees and certificates that ensure students are prepared for immediate hire into the field of business, computer operations, programming or similar fields. Business certification & IT school students typically engage in hands-on training or instruction specific to computers & business industries, but they can also engage in various distance-learning programs that ensure the skill building and necessary experience for graduation from the program. Video Production for Business Certification & IT Schools is essential for building audience excitement around the educational opportunities provided by the school in order to boost audience response rates, generate more leads, and drive revenue for the business.

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There are 1,577 business certification & IT schools across the U.S. where more than 14K people are employed. Despite this being a $3 billion dollar industry, the business certification & IT schools will likely decline at a rate of about 1-3% annually over the coming years as more students realize that market saturation is further recognized and per capita disposable income limits decrease.
Beverly Boy Productions provides expert video production services for business certification & IT schools across the U.S. offering a wide range of marketing & promotional style videos, expert interviews, and the production of video training programs that can save your school money & time.

Promotional Videos for Business Certification & IT Schools


Promotional videos are an integral part of any effective business school marketing & advertising strategy that can build up audience awareness around the school and drive increased organic reach across both search engines & social media. A variety of options exist when it comes to producing promotional videos that represent your school including:

• Campus tours that engage your target audience and provide visual connections to your school.
• Student testimonial videos which share student insights, trust, and confidence building excellence that increases peer influence & engagement.
• Promotional content that represents the surrounding area, events, and community culture that will help students feel immediately connected to the program.

Promo videos don’t have to be long, in fact, they shouldn’t be! They also don’t have to be salesy. They can simply share the story, mission & core branding principles behind your business certification & IT school.

Marketing Videos for Business Certification & IT Schools

Building up audience excitement and commitment for the services and educational programs offered by your school is an important aspect of marketing. As a school owner, the production of marketing videos that integrate smoothly with your social media, blog, and business website is an essential task that you must not wait or stall on. Consider the following benefits of marketing Video Production for Business Certification & IT Schools :

• Increased number of qualified leads.
• Improved total time spent on website, resulting in lower bounce rate.
• Improved audience commitment & trust.
• Higher landing page conversions.
• Stronger audience recognition & emotional connection to the brand.

Whether you’re sharing your marketing videos on your social media pages, your website, or on third-party websites, television or somewhere entirely different, you’re going to be amazed at the power of video over all other marketing media formats available for your school!

Training Videos for Business Certification & IT Schools

Training your students, and your teachers or school employees & staff is essential to growing your team and increasing revenue. Business certification & IT schools often provide online material for students to learn, engage & grow. Training Video Production for Business Certification & IT Schools is actually very important because these schools need ways to provide effective training to groups online, remotely, and at various times.

Fortunately, training videos:

• Are flexible and easy to access.
• Offer always available training.
• Allow students & employees to train on their time.
• Make training fun to engage with and allow path-based learning outcomes

Save your school time & money, invest in video-based training programs that your students and your staff will love!

Interview Videos for Business Certification & IT

As a business certification & IT school, a lot of your revenue is based on admissions, and your admissions are a matter of building up audience trust in your school and the educational services that you provide. Expert interview videos, which share the key experience & background that your team has in the industry will help you to foster a community of local and national audience members that trust in what you have to say or share.

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At Beverly Boy Productions we offer many different video production services that can help you achieve your training, promotions, and growth related goals. Ask us about interview videos, and our other forms of expert Video Production for Business Certification & IT Schools that can help you expand revenue and grow your brand.

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