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Book stores have experienced slowed growth over the past several years with drops in revenue largely impacted by the internet and a rise in digital reading opportunities. Despite higher per capita disposable income, online retailers and big box department stores have certainly caused a negative impact to the book store economy and it’s not likely to recover. However, that’s not to say that there are not any book stores that are doing well for themselves! Video Production for Book Stores promotes the experience of in-person reading, local community sales, and other events that will draw consumers into the store overshadowing the digital e-book sales market.

A $10 billion dollar industry that is expected to gradually continue to decline over several years, COVID-19 would lead to the closure of many book stores throughout the United States. Continued changes in consumer behavior are largely responsible for continued tightening of the book store market despite industry efforts to improve.

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At Beverly Boy Productions we work with local area book stores to produce top quality video content that promotes book store experiences and events, offers exceptional training for employees, and improves audience trust in the book store brand. Savvy book store owners that turn to video marketing are able to improve sales projections, slowing any negative impact or detriments to growth that e-commerce sales and mass merchandisers otherwise contribute to.

Promotional Videos for Book Stores

Promotional videos for book stores can help you to reach more readers with your promotions so that you can draw in local interest and sell more books or related merchandise. Video content makes it easy to reach people on social media, from your website, and via your email campaigns and, as you build up a personal connection with your audience, you’ll be able to improve conversions and sales.


Promotional videos have the capacity to:

– Increase social media shares by up to 1200%.
– Keep viewers engaged longer and improve search engine rankings.
– Provide consumers with content they actually prefer over other formats including still image or written formats.
– Increase conversions by up to 80% or more.

Using promotional videos to draw interest to your book store and boost sales is essential in today’s digital age. If you’re not already engaging in digital promotions with video, now is the time!

Marketing Videos for Book Stores

Marketing Video Production for Book Stores is essential to building up brand awareness within your community, driving organic traffic to your website, and generating sales. In fact, a recent survey found that videos can increase brand awareness by 70% or more while driving sales up 34% or more. The actual value of video marketing and its ability to increase visitor interest, convert your audience, and help you retain customers is dependent largely upon the style of videos you produce, where and how you distribute them, and various other factors.

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Marketing videos can have the following additional benefits for your book store:

– Increased social media visibility.
– Greater ability to stand out against the competition.
– A more personable connection between brand and consumer.
– Improved sales activity and conversions.
– Increased ROI & revenue.

Meeting consumers where they’re at, online via social media and your own book store website is key to generating additional connections, conversions, and sales that will help your book store business stay ahead of the competition and rise above any potential negative influences in the market. The production of expert marketing videos will help!

Training Videos for Book Stores

As a book store owner, training your team is an essential step that you cannot overlook. Most important, new and existing employees feel more committed to the business if they feel like you’re willing to invest your time and resources into them to see them succeed. Training Video Production for Book Stores can help you achieve these, and other training goals for your team while:

– Reducing total training time.
– Improving employee engagement and productivity.
– Generating higher overall knowledge retention among employees.
– Improving training outcomes.

Many businesses are already using training videos to their advantage to bring employees and new-hires up to speed. If you’re not actively presenting your employees with video-based training, it’s possible you’re one of only 12% of all businesses that are missing this mark!

Interview Videos for Book Stores

As a book store, you’ve got to come across to your target market as the authority on books, the latest authors, and related topics of interest to this unique audience segment. The more you can build up a sense of trust and commitment among your audience, the greater the chances are going to be that you can build a community of eager book buyers that will attend your events, engage in your store, and purchase books or merchandise in the process.

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Expert interview videos are a great way to introduce your audience to the level of experience and value that your team has to offer. In fact, many book stores have experienced significant advantages with the introduction of author interview videos that represent their store and show off their authority in the industry. At Beverly Boy Productions we work closely with you to produce various different styles and types of expert videos that will represent the authors, books, events, and promotions that represent your brand. Ask us about our expert services in Video Production for Book Stores and how we can help you achieve success for your store!

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