How Much Does an Brandon Camera Crew Cost-

How much does a Brandon camera crew cost?

It’s simple- the cost of a Brandon camera crew will depend on what your project entails. Do you need one camera operator who can do the work in a day? Maybe you need several camera operators filming footage for a week? Brandon Camera crew pay rates depend on your needs. Necessary angles, specialized services, video length, location, and equipment will affect the bottom price of a camera crew

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When hiring a Brandon crew, you’re paying for more than one cameraman. A director of photography and other techs are needed to bring video productions to life. They do the tough work, and you always get what you pay for. What you will pay for depends on what you want to include in your next project! We also service Draper, Midvale, Riverton, and Murray. 

How much does it cost to film in Brandon?

If your question is How much does it cost to film in Brandon, you can contact The Florida Office of Film and Entertainment for details on Brandon, Florida filming permits as well as application fees and deadlines. Also ask about other great locations to film in Brandon. For more info on Brandon camera crew cost, contact Team Beverly Boy to put it together. We are ready to be your one stop shop for Brandon filming. 

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Brandon Camera Crew Rates

Brandon Camera department prices depend on the video you’re creating. For example, you may want aerial shots of a site with a drone, or b-roll filmed with a high-definition Sony camera utilizing top lenses. These pieces of equipment are vastly different and may require separate crew members to operate them. The price of Brandon Camera Crew Rates will vary based on how long the crew needs to complete your production. Brandon Camera crews tend to charge half-day and full-day rates

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Video rates and pricing in Brandon

Generally, hiring a Florida camera crew for half a day costs more than half of their day rate. This is because the crew is trying to make up from losing money by not scheduling a second gig. No matter the size of your production, it’s usually best to hire a crew for an entire day. This ensures that you get  a high-quality production with plenty of time to film, make all needed adjustments, and generate your best video. For specific Video rates and pricing in Brandon contact us- we’ll sort it out for you! We also service Polk, Hardee, and Manatee. 

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Brandon camera crew Prices

Brandon camera crew Prices vary depending on the type of equipment and camera gear you’re using and how long your team will use them. All members of a camera crew play very important roles in building a quality video. The director of photography, or the DP, manages all of the departments. While camera operators operate the different cameras, digital image technicians or DIT do image quality control. Gaffers handle lighting the set and anything electric, grips are responsible for set safety (crane operation, dollies, etc.), and swings do jobs for both the camera and lighting departments. Without a single one of these crew members, your video would be nearly impossible to create. You can find Brandon camera crew pricing, such as cameramen hire costs, below. These rates vary, please call for pricing specific to your project: 

Brandon Production Crew Rates:

  •       Director of Photography Day Rate: $1,030 to $2,530
  •       Camera Operator Day Rate: $280 to $530
  •       Digital Image Technician Day Rate: $530 to $780
  •       Gaffer/Key Grip Day Rate: $530 to $630
  •       Grip/Electric Day Rate: $430 to $530
  •       Swing Day Rate: $380 to $430
  •       Sound Recordist Day Rate: $330-$730 

Hourly Rates for a Brandon Camera Crew

What you pay at the end depends on what your project entails. Generally,  Hourly Rates for a Brandon Camera Crew range between $25/hour to $300/hour depending on the service. In order to complete your project, budget for everything from crew members, to equipment type, to additional technicians. Your project might need just one cameraman and some simple, basic gear, but it could also require two cameramen and lore of varying equipment. Whatever your Brandon camera crew uses will change with whatever you need to make your video. With the number of people in a camera crew, there’s a lot for you to consider, which can be an intimidating task. Don’t worry- we do the hard work for you! We’re ready to discuss the details of your project and help you make a video that your business needs and deserves. To see what Beverly Boy/Team Beverly Boy, Beverly Boy Productions can do for you, message us today! 


Brandon camera crew services  

For Brandon camera crew services, you are in the right place. This city and Western Florida have many top-notch spaces for your video project. A professional video production crew helps you to reach thousands. Whether you are creating an instructional course, or TV commercial, an HD camera crew allows your message to touch more people than ever. All Person’s Rotary Park is one amazing location for your local camera crew to film here.

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