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10 Best Reasons to Hire a Camera Crew in Boston

Clients always call on Beverly Boy productions whenever they’re in need of high quality video production. Boston is a beautiful city rich in history, originally named after a town situated in England. The earliest settlers came from Boston, England and they chose to retain the name of the town where they came from. With its fascinating past; the first American Chocolate factory, the first American public beach and so many amazing facts, here are 10 reasons why you should hire a camera crew in Boston, Massachusetts.

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1. Climate

Visitors tour Boston throughout the year to explore everything that this charming city has to offer. Video production in Boston is best done between the months of June to November. Summertime is quite hot in this bustling city with lots of visitors touring. There are a number of things to do as well as see in summer like: attend concerts, enjoy a meal at the sidewalk cafes and watch an interesting baseball game. Fall is also a great time to be in Boston because of the mild weather. You can enjoy a beautiful walk in the city during this season.

The Weather Channel hired us to film this video production in Boston covering a record snow fall season.

2. Food

On your coffee break or after a long day’s work of film production with your camera crew in Boston, you can eat out at various restaurants located in the city. Your Massachusetts-centric picks should include oysters, lettuce cups, Boston cream pie, clam chowder, Fenway franks, Boston baked beans and especially a warm buttered lobster roll that literally bursts with mind-blowing flavors as it melts in your mouth. The culinary prowess in Boston comes as no surprise, with the city boasting a one-of-a-kind culinary arts course at the Boston University. In the evening, you can head over to the famous pub, Cheers, for a draft of Samuel Adams. And if you so wish, you can also get a Cheers mug as a souvenir.

3. Little Brewster Island

The Little Brewster Island is a national treasure. It is home to the first lighthouse in America. You can book a camera crew in Boston to capture amazing views in this historic landmark. The best time to visit the lighthouse and explore the rest of the island is during the spring and summer. The Island consists mainly of mowed turf and beautiful seasonal flowers. Ascending to 89 feet, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the inner islands, Boston skyline, the graves and hull.

4. Green Space

Perhaps it’s the enthralling brick architecture or the cultural activities of the rich American history, wherever you are in Boston, you will experience an unforgettable charm. It has exuberant spaces where you and your cameraman in Boston can unplug after a hectic day and reconnect with nature and life’s simple pleasures. The Public Garden and the Boston Common are two places where you can relax, and calmly film some gorgeous natural b-roll.

We filmed this Boston promotional video for CATS Academy highlighting their new campus.

5. Chocolate Factory

The first chocolate factory in America was opened in Dorchester, Boston in 1765 by Walter Baker. Although this factory is now gone, it is still possible to take a sweet chocolatey tour! Taza Chocolate Factory in Somerville offers both public and private tours all year long, an interesting spot to get some modern industrial shots. But If the old Baker’s chocolate factory is an aspect of your production, some of the original buildings still stand, now sleek modern apartments inside.

6. Transportation

When you hire a camera crew In Boston for a day, you will have to put into consideration how the equipment will be transported. The city offers various options: from city buses to the silver line to the commuter rail. For road conditions and traffic, you can use the MassDOT’s mobile app to view real-time traffic situations before deciding on which route to take.

7. Permits

The permitting system in Boston is as convenient as it is advanced. Some parks and venues will need permits before using them especially if you need a film crew to shoot a large or important event. While in the city, you can conveniently apply for one using your smartphone, computer, laptop or even tablet.

8. Weather

Who needs a weatherman in Boston when you have the Berkeley building! It is the weather beacon of the city. At the top of the building is a mast that is 65-feet in length. It is color-coded to give the weather forecast with: steady blue being for clear, flashing blue for cloudy, steady red for rain and flashing red for snow. Before you hire a videographer for an exterior shoot, you might want to check out the Berkeley building first.

9. History

The city’s rich history is of great value. A walk around the city will reveal Boston’s past wherever you go. From old buildings made from red bricks, to the first American subway, to the first US public beach. Find a camera crew in Boston to take these memorable historical shots.

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10. Boston University Bridge

This bridge is an unusual overpass where boats are able to navigate below trains, passing below vehicles, driving under airplanes! This would make for a great video footage of an unusual transportation phenomenon!

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