Top 8 cameras Virginia Beach video camera crews swear by

In Virginia Beach, Virginia, there are great cameras that our team loves to use. Our Virginia Beach video camera crews have compiled some of our favorites that we always use. Whether we’ll be filming at the Cape Henry Lighthouse or shooting b-roll at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, our favorite gear and the right lens kit and operator is going to make a difference in the footage that we’ll capture for your project. 

Below is a list of the 8 best Virginia Beach video camera crews shoot with. From HD 1080p to 4k, our talented DP’s and cinematographers like to use great gear for the best results for our clients. After all, when our Virginia Beach camera ops use the cameras they’re comfortable with, the results are captivating. We’d love to use the following gear for your project:    

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D

We would like to use the Canon EOS 5D Mark III for a project that requires quick shoot and go kind of action, thanks to the fact that it’s easy to pre-program so we always have programs ready and because it’s also ideal for effectively capturing a subject in movement.

Sony A7S

When the timing makes for low-light conditions, some other crews may run but not Beverly Boy. We use the Sony A7S for times when the lights are low but the need for quality footage is high. It works wonders when shooting nighttime footage, thanks to the expansive ISO. Offering and quality and a wide dynamic range, our Virginia Beach video camera crews swear by this one.

Arri Alexa Mini


The Alexa Mini isn’t big and that’s how we like it when we want to capture footage on the run. But, because we are all about quality, we do appreciate that this option allows us to do all kinds of things with its optimal zoom and ability to capture quality footage.

Red Dragon

Beverly Boy DP hard at work

The Red Dragon is big but it’s carbon fiber body makes it easy to film with. It also provides optimal performance with its accessible dynamic range and the 6k resolution that we absolutely love. We love how we can capture versatile footage with this camera at any time or any place.

Arri Amira


The Arri has the ability to be used with different lens mounts, which makes it easy for us. Plus, the 14+stop of dynamic range says it all when it comes to quality. Most of all, we love using the Arri Amira for the customization options that allow us to play around with settings before our shoots.

Canon EOS C300 MKII

Canon C300

This lightweight camera is easy for us to use, which is always a plus. We also like that we can personalize it for our personal styles of filming. Plus, it comes in handy when we want to use other gear to improve footage quality.

Sony PMW F55 CineAlta 4k Digital Cinema Camera

Sony F55

We work with a lot of high-end gear but this has to be one of the fanciest. It’s a bit pricey but the functionality provided is everything we’ve dreamed of. From the high sensitivity to the low noise and the dynamic range, it’s the kind of camera that makes our job easier for us while allowing us to capture that amazing and clear footage your project calls for.

Black Magic Production 4k Camera

Blackmagic Cinema

The global shutter on the Black Magic is a must for pristine quality footage and that’s what this beauty is giving us every single time we use her for our projects. It’s the quality and the ability to capture movement that has our Virginia Beach camera crews loving this camera. We use it for a variety of projects, thanks to the versatility it provides.

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