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Top 8 Cameras Denver Video Camera Crews Swear By

In Denver, Colorado our team knows to use quality gear for every project. Our Denver video camera crews know how top gear can make a difference in how your production turns out. Whether you have a project for filming at Red Rocks Amphitheater or shooting b-roll at Chautauqua Park, we know that the right equipment, as well as the right lens kit and operator, are how we’ll succeed in any project.

Here is our list of 8 best Cameras Denver video camera crews shoot with. From HD 1080p to 4k, we depend on a crew of talented DP’s and cinematographers that know they can make something incredible by using the best tools for their craft. Check out our favorite cameras:     

Sony A7S

Our Sony A7S is one of our favorites. It’s both ideal for shooting in low light conditions and also has a wide dynamic range that allows for unique results. It may not be the best for filming subjects in motion, but for individual shoots or shooting with an external adapter for 4k, you can still get pretty great footage.

Arri Alexa Mini


This is our favorite gear for scouting missions, for the times when we never know what kind of picture worthy moment may arrive. It’s compact size allows us to take it with us anywhere, but it’s not only the size we love. It can capture decent footage in low-light settings and also has a great viewfinder for easy filming.

Red Dragon

Beverly Boy DP hard at work

A camera with plenty of detailed features, it is an impressive sight to see. Fortunately for our Denver video camera crews, this camera isn’t heavy. The Red Dragon is made from carbon fiber material, captures in 6k, and provides us with pristine images. We couldn’t ask for more.  

Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta 4k Camera

Sony F55

It’s one of our favorite high-end cameras because although it comes with a big price tag attached to it, it more than delivers. From the global shutter to the dynamic range, we get what we want from this thing, which is: fabulously clear footage.

Arri Amira


We aren’t crazy about the Arri’s looks but we do like that we can film in low-light settings and also pre-set the camera before filming. We appreciate the various ranges of ISO and love that this camera has a slow-motion feature which makes for some pretty nifty footage.

Canon C300

Canon C300

The Canon C300 is light and easy to work with. We also appreciate that it has customization options which allow us to set it up the way we like it. We use this camera for those times when you need to capture quick clear footage with a camera that is reliable and easy to use.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D

It takes time to set the Canon EOS 5D Mark III up for action, but once we do, it’s one of the easiest cameras for shooting great footage. From the customization options to the AF options, this camera is well-rounded and ideal for a variety of projects.

Black Magic Production 4k

Blackmagic Cinema

Our Denver video camera crews love using cameras with global shutters, because they allow us to capture stable and clear footage. While this camera is a bit heavy, it is compatible with a couple of different mounts. It offers fair quality for an affordable price, which is another thing that we like about this camera.

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