6 tips for Hiring a Boston Camera Crew

6 tips for Hiring a Boston Camera Crew 

The City of Boston is home to plenty of ample opportunity in terms of talent. When it comes to hiring a Boston camera crew, there is definitely no shortage of people that can fit the bill. But you don’t want to hire just anyone that says they have a background in film production. Make sure you’re hiring the best that Boston has to offer. Follow these 6 tips when hiring a Boston Camera crew for your next project. 

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#1. Check References 

You could check references worldwide, but if you really want to know what a Boston camera crew can do, check their local references first. We say this because a local is more likely to tell you the truth about a local business or brand versus someone from across the country. Check the references of a Boston camera crew, see what kind of work they provided for others, and be prepared to shop around. 

#2. Seek Experience 

It’s all about experience when hiring a Boston camera crew. The experience of the crew will play a key role in their ability to deliver your project in a way that makes sense. If you want success, consider hiring a camera crew that has at least a decade of experience working in the city. More is better. 

#3. Understanding of the Area 

You’ll want to make sure that you hire a camera crew that understands the area. Boston camera crews should generally have working knowledge of the transportation, permitting, visiting, and history of the city. Your camera crew should instantly be able to tell you where to go for a good bite to eat, what to look for when determining a shoot location, and how to navigate the city with ease. If they can’t do all of that, how then will they do it all and provide you with top quality footage too? 

#4. Pricing 

Hiring a Boston camera crew may all come down to the rate that you can afford. As you consider the appropriate budget for your film project, just know that the average Boston camera crew will charge daily rates for your video content. You’ll need to prepare to pay for each individual working member of the crew unless you are able to get a crew rate. 

#5. Film Permitting 

Will your shoot require a film permit? Hire a Boston camera crew that has working knowledge of permitting requirements in the city. Otherwise you might find yourself waiting around for permitting and you film shoot could quickly fall behind schedule. 

#6. Logistics 

Logistically, it often makes sense to hire a camera crew that is locally available and ready to tackle your project. Spell out the logistic details of your video project. Does it include the need to hire someone that can help you with things like booking travel, accommodations, and event space? Make sure that the Boston camera crew you hire is prepared to help with all of the logistics of your project so that the entire process runs smoothly for you. 

Hire a local crew that knows the area. Beverly Boy Productions has several Boston camera crew members ready to help with your project. Give us a call to learn more about our Boston camera crew hiring process.

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