10 Sacramento, California Production Company Film Perks

At Beverly Boy Productions, we know what you need in a Sacramento, California production company. This city is rich in beautiful parks and outdoor locations, as well as iconic landmarks and we can help you capture the best footage in this Californian gem. Here are 10 reasons to hire a Cleveland Ohio production company:

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1. Tower Bridge

Sacramento, California Production Company

Tower Bridge isn’t London’s Tower Bridge but it certainly is an iconic one in Sacramento. So much so, that if you include this landmark in your digital marketing campaign, you can be sure that viewers will be able to pinpoint it as a favorite site in this area of California.

Near the State Capitol Building, it’s truly a glorious sight to see, especially as the sun goes down and the colors contrast majestically with the bright color of the bridge.

2. Eagle Theatre

Sacramento, California Production Company

A historic theatre, Eagle Theatre is one of the oldest ones in the country. Built in 1849, this small construction doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it has a whole story of it’s own and has been considered to be haunted by some.

A cute façade makes this a great place to film any production with one of the top production companies in the area.

3. Climate

Sacramento, California Production Company

The weather in Sacramento is hot and clear, making it easy to capture footage on clear days while the winters are pretty cloudy throughout the season.

Although it does get cool in the winter, the temperature rarely ever drops below 30-degrees, so it’s still a possibility for you to film outside with your Sacramento production camera crew.

From mid-June to September, Sacramento sees much of it’s influx of tourists and visitors to the area, thanks to the dry weather.

4. Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

Sacramento, California Production Company

Standing tall and majestic in Sacramento, this cathedral is an eye-catching work of art, both on the exterior and inside.

If you want to film your video production project with recognizable landmarks, this is a great place to start. It’s impressive, important to the city, and a beautiful and peaceful place to be.

5. B Street Theatre

Sacramento, California Production Company

Yet another memorable theatre in the city, B Street Theatre is a great place to go when you want to catch a performance.

Built in 1986 and founded by Timothy Busfield, this is a favorite staple of the community and one that could be ideal for your particular video production with a video company in Sacramento.

6. Food

Sacramento, California Production Company

Sacramento boasts of some great American eats, as well as international cuisine. If you’ve been looking for a spot where you can enjoy a great meal during your project with a Sacramento production studio, the following restaurants are some to consider:

  1. Bacon and Butter is a favorite brunch option for locals in the city and it should be for you too. With farm-to-table dishes that have a modern flair, it’s a unique spot that you’ll want to try while in the city.
  2. Masullo Pizza is a favorite for those who love pizza and while you won’t find Sacramento natives as pizza loving as some Chicago-ians might be, this place makes everyone who visits want to “go Italian.” No fuss, no drama, just simple and delectable pizza that makes your mouth water.
  3. Binchoyak Izakaya Dining is for people who must have the best in Japanese cuisine. From the sakes to the marinades and the beers, everything is perfectly delectable at this local favorite.


7. California State Railroad Museum

Sacramento, California Production Company

Whether you’re doing a commercial video production to promote a children’s product or service or you’re traveling with kids, the California State Railroad Museum is always a favorite, no matter what.

Sharing history of nearly 200 years of railroad greatness, this is definitely a place to consider visiting while in Sacramento.

8. History

Sacramento, California Production Company

Named after the river that runs near the border of the city, Sacramento was founded by Samuel Brannan and John Augustus Sutter, Jr.

The city began as a settlement in 1848 but faced a lot of challenges over the years, including floods and fires. Thanks to it’s close proximity to popular places like San Francisco, Sacramento has been able to grow and flourish in that last 50+ years.

9. Permits

Sacramento, California Production Company

You probably want to film some of the most famous sites in the city, right? If so, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right permits to be able to access and use equipment at these places.

It’s relatively simple to shoot with a few people, if you’re jut working on a simple production with a local Sacramento production crew but if it’s a bigger production experience, you will want to make sure to get the right permits for your project before starting.

10. The Dive Bar

Sacramento, California Production Company

There are dive bars and then there is the Dive Bar. This bar is a highly unique place, with mermaids and mermen swimming around in tanks.

It’s actually made a couple of appearances in films, so if you’re looking for a weird yet entertaining spot, the bar is actually available for private parties, or even your production project with one of the top production companies in the city.

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