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6 Creative Tips for Powerful Dealership Inventory Videos

Dealership inventory videos represent the primary introductory marketing medium for most car sales. Dealership inventory allows consumers to get an idea of what you offer, where you are located, what your lot is like and whether they should visit to purchase a car. If you’re already using dealership inventory videos, or you’re new to the entire process, consider these tips to make the content more powerful for your brand.

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#1 Show the Logistics of the Dealership

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Dealership inventory videos allow you to show your potential clients the logistics of your dealership and the vast inventory that is available. But remember, dealerships are a scary place for some. Many don’t appreciate the sales tactics that come from pushy car salesman so be easy on the audience with your inventory videos. Show the audience that they can come and visit your dealership with no strings attached. Use the dealership video to showcase the logistical layout of your dealership and help the average consumer plan a trip to check your inventory.

#2 Pause & Allow Audience to Catch Up

Many dealership inventory videos are so fast and overwhelming that the average viewer gains very little benefit from the content. Try to take your time and pause as you explain the inventory so that the audience can catch up and digest the content that you’re delivering. Instead of quickly showing the entire dealership from an aerial view, slow the process and use text overlays to showcase valuable elements such as particular car models or dealership services that are available.

#3 Add a Human Touch

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People connect with people–not cars! Your dealership video marketing should include a human element if you intend to share on social media or anywhere that you would benefit from your content being viewed and shared by others. Adding a human such as a non-pushy salesman to your dealership inventory videos will help you generate more shares and engagement with your content. Try showing someone that actually works at your dealership so that viewers can see a familiar face when they show up.

#4 Keep it Short

Dealership inventory videos, just like many other forms of dealership marketing content, should be kept short and to the point. If you intend to share the content on social media, you should limit your dealership inventory to 1 minute. If you intend to share on your website, you can probably get away with up to 3 minutes but don’t expect viewers to stick around for the duration unless you have something really exciting to say!

#5 Use Vehicle Walk Arounds

Showcasing a specific, high selling, model from your inventory up-close is a great way to generate interest in your dealership. Consider vehicle walk around videos that share the latest features and gadgets appropriately targeted to that vehicle as they relate to your target audience. Instead of focusing on an array of models, the targeted video content will be more likely to gain the interest of a particular viewer group.

#6 Showcase New Vehicle Features

Dealership inventory that includes details on the latest and greatest features associated with your new vehicles can attract an audience that is seeking those particular features. Consider sharing specialty details such as child safety features which will target parents seeking new cars or special sports features that showcase a significant operation skill or ability that many other cars don’t or won’t have.

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