5 Ways Video Production Firms Help Your Business Grow

5 Ways Video Production Firms Help Your Business Grow 

Video production firms can help you to increase your market share, improve your search engine rankings, and achieve your marketing goals. If you’re not already working with a video production crew to produce top-quality marketing videos for your brand, consider hiring one of the best video production firms near you to take the leap and start building a thriving marketing campaign. Video production firms will help your business grow — here’s how. 

Benefits of Video Marketing for Local Businesses

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1. Increased Search Engine Traffic 


But…video production hasn’t nothing to do with traffic? Does it? YES! It does! In fact, video production firms can help you to increase traffic to your website.

With more than 80% of all internet traffic focused on video, organizations that lack video lack a lot of opportunity for increased traffic to their brand.

When you hire video production firms like Beverly Boy Productions to help you create corporate videos you are working your way closer to increased search engine traffic almost overnight. 

2. Improved Google Rankings 

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Who doesn’t want more traffic from Google? Unfortunately many brands aren’t sure what they can do to improve their Google rankings. However, video production firms can help you increase your Google rankings.

The addition of videos to your existing website can boost the value of your webpages. Google is more than 50% more likely to rank your webpage in the first page of results for various keyword searches if there’s a video on the page– so get started! 

3. Greater Brand Awareness 

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Are you a new brand? Are you having trouble getting people to recognize your brand? Video production firms can help you boost brand awareness for your business.

Videos that include your brand colors, concepts, and mission will help consumers to connect the two. Keep a consistent push of branded video content to social media and before you know it more and more consumers will be mentioning your brand online. 

4. More Video Sharing 

Want to have your videos shared more frequently? Provide your audience with unique, professional video content that they will WANT to share.

Video production firms know how to use video content to tell your brand story and attract audience members that are excited about your content.

When you have professional video content created you can expect more people to share the content with others. 

5. Improved Customer Trust 

Need consumers to trust in your brand? Video production firms can help you create testimonial videos that your audience will grow to love and trust.

Improved trust in your brand can lead to higher conversions and ongoing satisfaction with your consumer. Consider genuine, unrehearsed customer testimonials on your product pages, in your checkout process, and shared in emails. 

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