5 Types of Hospitality Video Production for your Hotel

Video is a powerful medium that cannot be overlooked. Members of the hospitality industry are using all types of video content to their advantage. In fact, if you’re not already using video in your marketing strategy, you’re certainly missing out. These are 5 types of hospitality video production for your hotel that will get people excited about your business.

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1. Employee Spotlight Videos

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The employee spotlight video shows potential visitors what your employees are like. These videos showcase your brand ambassador’s and the members of your workforce that represent the hospitality of your business.

The idea of employee spotlight videos in marketing your hotel is to help bring a human element to your brand so that potential visitors can connect on a deeper level with you.

Consider the use of employee interviews or employee highlights to help visitors see who your brand is made up by. Personify your corporate mission and deliver key details about employees that will help visitors to feel comfortable with choosing your hotel for a visit.

2. Branded Marketing Videos

Hospitality video production wouldn’t be complete without branded marketing videos. These videos showcase your hotel as a brand within a destination that viewers can’t wait to visit.

Branded marketing content allows you to play up to local themes, showcase your hotel for the travel epilogue, convenience, or comfort that it provides, and excite viewers that are considering a visit. The success of branded marketing videos is dependent on how you deliver your hotel story visually for the world to see.

3. Virtual Tour Videos

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Share virtual tours of your hotel on your website or on social media for potential visitors to see. These videos are more than just the opportunity for a potential visitor to see what they can expect, they can be used to overcome potentially cautious visitors that are otherwise worried about a visit without seeing the hotel first.

Virtual tours can showcase rooms of your hotel, amenities, special features and basically anything on the grounds of the resort that you feel would entice visitors to come.

4. Event Videos

Hospitality video production doesn’t end at the hotel. Consider sharing local event videos that help viewers to connect your hotel to a particular event or group.

Networking events, charity programs, or business conventions that take place nearby can be showcased so that the audience will see your hotel as the ideal visiting place if they are coming to town for the event.

Share event recap videos on your website and in social media to gain user attention. Even an annual gathering that takes place at your hotel can be shared. Think of the ways that you can reach others that may have interest in these events and share video content with potential visitors.

5. Behind the Scenes Videos

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Show visitors what it’s like to work behind the scenes of your hotel. Do you have an exceptional maid? Show visitors how she operates and what she feels is so important about her work. They’ll be happy that you did!

Behind the scenes videos can help potential visitors to connect with your hotel in various ways. Content that explains multidisciplinary experts in your business and the roles that your team takes on to make the visitor’s stay perfect help to illustrate how important the consumer is to your brand. This makes them feel more welcomed when the arrive.

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