title 5 inventive ways to market solar power business

5 Inventive Ways to Market Your Solar Power Business

Growing concern over our environment and the impact the human footprint has on our Earth has led to an increase in demand for solar energy products and solar power. Despite the growing need for solar power products, businesses in this industry still struggle to generate leads. Keeping your schedule full of booked appointments for your solar power business or generating consistent traffic to your solar energy products website can be challenging. These 5 inventive ways to market your solar power business will help you get your brand recognized online and generate leads.

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#1 Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media marketing for solar energy companies combines the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various other social platforms to generate a competitive advantage for the brand.

Sharing solar power generation video feeds and solar power YouTube videos via your social media feeds to generate leads for your solar business is a great way to captivate your audience and drive traffic to your website or landing pages.

Several options are available to help you harness the power of social media marketing for your solar energy production company.

Consider the following social media videos to get your prospects interested in your brand:

  • How solar power works video demonstrations that build awareness.
  • Solar power generation video content that offers a live look at solar energy at work.
  • Solar energy production videos that offer an informational view of solar processes.
  • Corporate culture videos that show your company at work behind the scenes.

Sharing solar power video content on social media can help you build awareness for your brand and boost product sales. Further, solar power marketing via Facebook and other social media advertising is one of the most cost-effective paid marketing opportunities available online today.

#2 Live Stream Important Events

As you plan your solar power marketing consider the use of live stream video content that can connect with your target audience in the moment. While you may not immediately consider the use of live stream video for your solar energy services firm, there are ample opportunities to get your brand in the spotlight in this capacity.

Consider live streaming solar energy products in use or special events as they relate to your brand.

The following opportunities exist in solar marketing via live stream video production:

  • Livestream interviews of major players in your business such as your CEO or the engineers that make solar power possible for the community.
  • Livestream access to events that you participate in as a brand showcasing your involvement in the community.
  • Livestream major projects as they come to fruition.

#3 Utilize Local Business Networking Opportunities

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Much of the solar marketing process is about who you know and how you interact with people within your network. As such, building relationships with members of the general community and those that can help you generate referrals for your business is a vital element to the solar marketing process.

Start with the local Chamber of Commerce to get details on marketing your solar energy services company locally. The Chamber will have information on events and various other networking opportunities that could help you promote your business within the community.

Additionally, Solar Power International provides several networking opportunities and connection events throughout the year for solar businesses like yours. Attendance at exhibits with Solar Power International puts your brand in front of targeted audience members that are interested in the services and products offered by solar distributors.

You may also find opportunities with our government via the Solar Training Network at the Department of Energy. Check for other local business networking opportunities to get your name out and build a reputation for your brand.

#4 Use Animated Explainer Videos to Simplify Your Pitch

Animated explainer videos are an excellent addition to the solar marketing campaign and work great at simplifying your sales pitch. Educate your audience, demonstrate how solar power works and showcase your expertise in the solar products industry with easy to understand video content.

Animated explainer videos have the potential to increase product or service sales for your solar energy business and are a great addition to local networking exhibits that will draw in the attention of your audience.

#5 Deliver Competitive Visual Content with Professional Corporate Videos

Corporate video production for your solar energy business offers you the ability to compete with others in the solar industry through audiovisual content that grasps the viewer’s attention, captivates them and delivers powerful lead-generating content that they cannot overlook. Show consumers what your solar energy business has to offer.

Consider the following professional corporate video opportunities for your solar business:

  • Corporate profile videos that showcase the services or products you offer to consumers.
  • Promotional videos representing the solar power services you offer.
  • Solar power generation videos that showcase your employees hard at work.
  • Solar power YouTube videos that offer customer testimonials and corporate responsibility insights to your brand.

Trust in Team Beverly Boy

These inventive ways to market your solar power business are really just the beginning. As you work to define your solar power marketing plan, consider the use of video to showcase the products and services that are most important to your customers.

Give Beverly Boy Productions a call to get started with professional solar power videos that will effectively promote your business to a wider audience. We can’t wait to serve you!

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