What is a Branded Video?

What is a Branded Video?

Branded video content represents some of the most valuable media assets that a business can have. It can help a business to generate strong first impressions, increase consumer awareness, and build a strong reputation for a brand both online and off. But what is a branded video and why is branded video content so important? 

This is a question that many new clients have when they initially come to Beverly Boy Productions seeking video content for their business. We often recommend banded video, and when we do, we almost instantly tasked with answering the common question, “what is a branded video?” Fortunately, with more than two decades of filmmaking and video production experience, we think we know a thing or two about branded videos, what they are and how professional branded video content can help a business grow. We’d like to share that information with you!

What is a Branded Video?

A branded video is essentially any video that is produced by or sponsored by the brand. A brand can create a variety of different types and styles of video content, all of which can technically be considered branded video provided they do not directly advertise a promotion for the brand. Instead of a direct sales promotion, like the commercials you might be used to watching on television, branded video content operates on positive brand association. In other words, the brand owner hopes that the viewer will make a positive association with the video and the brand that is responsible for or represented by the video without the video actually coming straight out and promoting the brand.

Let’s consider an example to clarify what a branded video is like:

Consider a cookware company that sells cookbooks, recipe cards, and things like pots and pans or serving trays. This company might create short video recipes that show how to make different meals, which likely involve the use of some of their products but could just as well utilize products from other brands. They create these branded videos, as a way of building audience awareness around their brand without being directly self-promotional. People that like their recipe videos, will come to recognize the brand logo, and be more likely to trust in and make future purchases from the brand.

Similarly, consider a company that sells outdoor products like sporting goods, bicycles, and hammocks or camping equipment. They could create videos that show off activities outdoors like fishing, camping, hiking, or other active lifestyle activities. Again, people that see their branded videos might recall their brand as they move down the funnel and decide to purchase something for their own outdoor lifestyle. These branded videos are a great way of increasing audience awareness and building a reputation for the brand.

Branded Video Benefits

When someone asks, “What is a branded video,” much of their question likely surrounds figuring out why brands even produce branded videos? What are the benefits to potential brand owners for the creation of this type of content? As the use of video increases, and popularity of video continues to grow, so too does the influx of brands that turn to branded video as a way of growing their own business or band.  Branded video content, fortunately, has a number of potential benefits.

These videos have the potential to break out against all of the competition, so that consumers will recognize them and recall your brand. This is really important considering 82% of all internet use is related to video and there are millions of minutes of video added online each day. The length that brands must now go through in order to stand out against the competition is greater than ever!

Branded videos also have the benefit of grabbing the attention of the audience and creating a sense of loyalty. Audiences that see branded video content are more likely to later purchase products or services offered by that brand. In fact, nearly 90% of consumers state that they’ve made a purchase from a brand after seeing branded video content relative to the business. 

Another major benefit of branded videos is the fact that they are narrative driven and engaging. Branded video content uses storytelling to entertain consumers, which is something that more than 75% of consumers are looking for online. The content produced by brands, when specifically focused on branded videos, is more engaging and more entertaining which makes it equally more likely to convert consumers into customers.

Is Branded Video Necessary?

So, what is a branded video and is branded video really necessary? A branded video is a short video that showcases something relevant, and relative to a brand but that is not self-promotional in any capacity. Branded videos are absolutely necessary in today’s incredibly busy and oversaturated internet where consumers are looking for content that they can connect with in an engaging and entertaining manner. 

If your business is looking for a way to build strong awareness, and create a foundation of community members that recognize the business and are interested in the products and services offered by your brand, branded video content can help. Creating sharable branded videos will increase your brand awareness, and drive visibility for your business. 

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