Understanding Amazon Sponsored Brand Video

Understanding Amazon Sponsored Brand Video

If you’re an Amazon seller, you most likely know a little something about Amazon sponsored brand video content. At bare minimum, you’ve heard about it and, if you qualify as a Sponsored Brand, you’ve likely considered the addition of this content to your seller’s page. While Amazon sponsored brand video content is a relatively new option in the Amazon seller’s toolbox, anyone that’s done any digital marketing knows that video is vital to increasing awareness, improving consumer trust in your products, and increasing sales. 

In our expert’s guide to Amazon sponsored brand video, we’re explaining everything you need to know to get started with the use of Sponsored brand video content on your Amazon storefront in order to drive more sales for your brand. With more than 81% of consumers stating that video content has convinced them to purchase a product or service, how can you go wrong?

What is Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Content?

Amazon sponsored brand video content or sponsored brand ads and sponsored brand videos are videos created specifically for the purpose of advertising your Amazon products through auction-based keyword targeting. Much like sponsored posts, Google Adwords, and similar advertising mechanisms, Amazon Sponsored Brand videos are paid advertisements in the form of video content that you create for the purpose of getting your products in front of the eyes of hungry consumers that are interested in your brand.

These videos will play on mobile or desktop as soon as a consumer visits that page and scrolls to a point in which at least half of the video is visible on their screen. Sound can be used on these videos, but keep in mind that like other forms of video content used to advertise online such as on social media, the sound will not play unless the shopper chooses to unmute. For this purpose, it is important that you create your video with the intention of your audience not actually listening to the audio.

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Tips for Creating an Amazon Sponsored Brand Video

If you’re thinking about using Amazon Sponsored Brand videos in your marketing campaigns to increase sales to in your Amazon stores, you’re going to need to first find out if you qualify to use this type of content for your store and you’ll also need to learn about the specific requirements of using Amazon sponsored videos. Next, you might want to consider getting some tips from the pros!

Here’s what we believe is most important for you to consider when it comes to using Amazon Sponsored Brand video content for your business:

  • Make sure you introduce and educate with your content above all else.
  • You want to inspire your audience to purchase, so it’s important to use a call to action.
  • Make sure that visuals are the primary focus of your video content. Remember, while audio is allowed, your audience will most likely NOT listen to the audio, therefore you don’t want to rely on the audio to deliver the details.
  • Videos should be kept short and focused. You should limit the total video length to 15 seconds.
  • Videos must not start or end with a black frame per Amazon’s policies. This is also not ideal for your consumer audience. 
  • Make sure that your videos hook the viewer in the first 5-8 seconds for best results with your content.
  • Consider allowing the first few visuals to run a bit longer for your audience to get hooked on the video before you start changing it up. This way shoppers don’t miss any important details.
  • Including your logo with your call-to-action at the end of the video will help your viewer to know when the video has ended as these videos are set to play on loop.

Should I Hire a Professional to Create Amazon Sponsored Video Content?

The short answer is, YES! If you want professional video content that is going to attract the attention of your audience and get them interested about your products, you probably want to hire a professional film crew to assist you. Not only does this ensure that you get content that is going to show the same level of professionalism that you would want your audience to see in relation to your brand, professional film crews like Beverly Boy Productions understand what it takes to engage an audience and get them committed to your brand in a very short amount of time and this is vital with sponsored video content like this!

Unless you’re skilled in professional video production, and have a background in film editing, you’re probably going to get best results by hiring a professional to assist you with the production of your Amazon sponsored video content. In fact, working with a professional team ensures that you:

  • Get your video produced in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Have high quality content that speaks volumes for your brand.
  • Includes the key details and techniques that are ideal for sponsored video content.
  • Results in the greatest possible benefits for your brand.

There’s a reason professionals spend years perfecting the techniques involved in creating advertising content that stands out and speaks to consumers. Let the pros do what they do best, so that you can focus on producing better products and services that are relative to your brand.  Consider hiring a professional to help you with Amazon Sponsored Brand Video content!

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