How to Make a Personal Branding Video that Stands Out Against a Crowd

 How to Make a Personal Branding Video that Stands Out Against a Crowd

Building a personal brand that’s going to stand out against a crowd is something many entrepreneurs aspire to accomplish, particularly with the rise of internet based businesses and brands where personalization is key to conversions. But learning how to make a personal branding video that’s going to put your brand ahead of the competition in your industry or niche is an intense process that requires a lot of deep introspect into yourself. 

While personally branded videos will certainly draw the eyes of recruiters, potential investors, and clients, producing a video that fails to please will almost certainly stand out a lot more than you would like! That’s why we generally recommend working with a professional video production company, like Beverly Boy Productions, to create your personal branding videos, especially if you want the crowd to get the right impression of your personal brand.

Even working with the assistance of a professional video production crew requires some minimum essential knowledge in personal branding and what goes into this type of video content. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of important considerations for you to make as you’re figuring out how to make a personal branding video.

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Explain the Story Behind Your Brand

Everyone that brands themselves in a particular niche or industry has a story behind the brand. This generally can be directly influenced by your purpose. What was it that made you decide to start a business or to become an entrepreneur? Thinking about the story behind your own personal brand will help you to define:

  • What is important to you about your business?
  • Why is your brand important to others?
  • What makes your brand special or better than your competitors?
  • How is your brand poised to help others?
  • What makes you the best person to be in this industry or niche?

A lot of times, as an entrepreneur you’ve got a strong passion for your industry or niche. Perhaps it’s because you had similar concerns that your clients have or because you dealt with a similar situation to that which is occurring with your clients now? The point is, personal branding often results from a passion to do better, provide more, and solve a problem that you, personally, once had yourself.

Focus on Your Target Audience

You should know your target audience on a very personal level because generally, when it comes to building a personal brand, your audience will be like-minded people that you can relate with. As you focus on learning how to make a personal branding video that stands out against a crowd of people, you really need to be thinking about your audience and how you can impact their lives. Your job is to show your audience just how much your own personal brand is relative to their own lives with your video. This can be accomplished by:

  • Identifying your core audience and what makes them important to your own personal brand.
  • Defining the language, tone, and style of content that your audience is most influenced by.
  • Communicating with your audience to determine where they are within your own marketing pipeline.

Work Closely with an Outsider

There’s a reason we recommend working with a full service video production crew if you want to learn how to make a personal branding video that stands out for you and it goes well beyond the fact that professionals are going to bring the gear, talent, and technique required to produce top quality video content for your personal brand. Another major reason we recommend this is because doing so will allow you to work closely with an outsider that is not necessarily close to you or your brand.


Doing so is going to help you break free from your own mindset that is likely preventing you from fully breaking free to become the best possible version of your own personal brand. You see, we are our own worst enemy, and as much as we might think that we’re creating a personal branding video that is going to deliver all of our best qualities to the audience, it’s easy to miss important elements.

By hiring a professional video production company to show you how to make a personal branding video that stands out against the competition, you’re taking a step toward not only ensuring that the video you produce is going to stand out but that you give your target audience the best possible insight into your own personal brand. Professional film crews know what it takes to target an audience and create trust, awareness, and understanding around your own personal brand.

With tools, technique, and more than twenty years’ experience, Beverly Boy Productions knows how to make a personal branding video that stands out in a rapidly changing industry where adjusting your own personal branding to your target audience is key to your success. To learn more about creating a personal branding video that will attract the attention of investors, employers,  customers or clients, give Beverly Boy Productions a call today!

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