How to Increase Your Brand Awareness Through Video

Learning how to increase your brand awareness through video is something that just about every business owner is interested in these days. Whether you’re using videos at the top of the funnel to generate stronger consumer awareness of your brand, or further down the funnel to increase awareness of the individual products or services you provide, most savvy business owners know that video is absolutely necessary to increasing audience awareness around marketing, advertising, and branding campaigns.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your brand awareness through video, you’re lucky to have many options available. Not only can videos be incorporated in social media campaigns, but they can also be used on your website, in your email marketing campaigns, and virtually anywhere you intend to market or advertise your brand. 

While the power of video is clearly evident, there are still a handful of businesses that have yet to utilize video marketing to their advantage. If this sounds like you, it’s time to immediately get started with the use of video to increase your brand awareness and generate a stronger community following for your business.

Use Explainer Videos to Increase Your Brand Awareness

One of the most successful options you have in your arsenal of video content is the production of explainer videos. A professionally produced explainer video can help consumers understand your product, service, mission, vision, or ideas. As a new brand, creating explainer videos to increase your brand awareness is an excellent way of building up community awareness and creating a stronger audience connection with your brand. 

These short, 1-2 minute videos, capture your brand’s core message and deliver details through images, live action clips, animations, and of course things like background music, narration, and similar forms of content which accompany the visuals. Your explainer video may, or may not, be based on a story in which you help people emotionally connect with what you have to say so that they can feel positively about your brand. 

Not only are consumers interested in explainer video content, they’re also more likely to actively engage in this type of content and to share it with their friends, family, or with others. The more a video is shared, the greater it’s reach and the more awareness it will create for your brand!

Use Vlog Videos to Increase Your Brand Awareness

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While you might not immediately think of a vLog as a video that’s going to boost brand awareness for your audience, it’s true! These videos have the power to naturally improve brand awareness across various marketing channels including social media. Almost anytime a professional discusses the use of video to increase brand awareness the idea of posting video on social media comes up. While you can post all different types and styles of video on social media, posting vLogs that show off your behind-the-scenes details, mission, and vision as it plays out in everyday routines and activities, will dramatically increase your brand awareness, particularly if you’re building a brand around yourself.

Use Product Videos to Increase Your Brand Awareness

The use of product videos, including product demonstrations, product information videos, and product videos that show off the comparison of products can help you to increase brand awareness. These videos can offer everything from useful tips and tricks to getting the most out of the products you sell. If you’ve got a new product release coming up, posting it on social media, your website, and on your landing pages can help you to increase brand awareness, too.

Product videos can include animations and product tutorials, too. They really don’t have to be just your standard, plain product video that shows off what products you offer, either. You can get creative with your product videos, showing off demonstrations side-by-side as you compare your products against competitor products or as you compare your previous product models with a new model. Get creative with it and maximize consumer interest and awareness in your brand.

Use Corporate Videos to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Finally, if you’re interested in figuring out how to increase your brand awareness through video you have a plethora of opportunities when it comes to utilizing corporate video content to your advantage. Whether you’re creating corporate event videos that will help you increase brand awareness, or you’ve decided that you would like to incorporate case studies and testimonials into the mix, these branded videos are great for not only generating awareness around the products, services, or features that you provide but also in boosting consumer trust in what you have to say and to sell. 

Across the board, as you focus on how to increase your brand awareness through video you’re bound to come up with a number of options and opportunities for growth and change along the way. Consider the use of a variety of different types of video across different video distribution platforms such as social media channels and profiles as well as your own website, the website of other professionals in your industry, or your landing pages and email campaigns to maximize the audience awareness that you can create as you build and grow your campaigns. 

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