Greensboro Talking Head Video Production Company Offers Tips on Growing a Brand with Video

Looking for a Greensboro Talking Head Video Production Company? Talking head videos are commonly used throughout marketing campaigns to achieve a variety of business marketing goals. These head-and-shoulders style shoots represent a subject that speaks directly into the camera, or slightly off to the side of the camera. They also vary in style such as interview style, shared testimonials, authoritative content, information details, or various other forms of content relative to your business or brand.

Talking head videos are an essential element to many different styles and types of marketing campaigns, which is why our Greensboro Talking Head Video Production Company, Beverly Boy Productions, is providing some tips to help you get started with talking head videos.

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Over the past 3-5 years, talking head videos have quickly become some of the most popular types of video content for businesses to make. They boost credibility, drive authority, and increase trust in your brand while humanizing your business and driving consumer engagement. However, a talking head video is more than just a great speaker sharing something important or valuable. Professionally produced talking head videos tell a story.

If you want to be successful in using talking head videos to grow your brand, consider these important tips.

Use Professional Equipment for a Professional Experience

If you think you can shoot a talking head video with your smartphone, you’re not wrong, but you’re not 100% correct either. While it is entirely possible to shoot a video with a smartphone, it’s certainly not the “professional” method of producing a talking head video – and the lack of quality is definitely going to stand out to your audience!

In order to achieve success with talking head videos, you need to use professional equipment. This means the best available camera for your means, expert audio equipment, and proper lighting. The problem is, most business owners don’t have this equipment on hand, and even if they were to rent the equipment, they don’t have the skill and expertise to use it. This is why we recommend hiring a Greensboro Talking Head Video Production Company right from the start!

You’ll be glad you made the decision, and your audience will recognize the value in your video!

Use the Art of Composition & Framing to Draw Attention

Not sure what we mean? This is another great reason to hire a professional! Composition and framing are key elements of any video shoot, but they’re things that a professional is going to consider more so than an everyday business owner might.

However, using proper composition, and framing your subject so that their face is positioned correctly in the viewable area of the screen is absolutely essential to how your audience perceives your video. Contrary to what you might think, the subject should NOT be centered with their face positioned in the very middle of the screen!

Cheap Audio is Going to Scream Cheap Video to Your Audience

We mentioned the importance of hiring a professional and using expert equipment, because it’s worth noting again. Cheap audio is going to scream loud and clear to your audience that your video is cheap! There’s simply too much competition in any industry, especially online, to produce cheap video content.

If you can’t afford to hire an expert to assist you with the filming of your talking head video, at least splurge on a microphone so that the audio will be crisp and clear!

Show Don’t Tell – But Use Subtitles if You Must Tell

When producing a talking head video, you’re probably thinking – it’s called a “Talking head” video, so the subject should be talking, right? While this is correct, it’s equally correct that videos should show more than they tell! So, do your part to show what you want to say, through visuals and imagery, rather than to say it.

But, if you must have your subject talking on camera, make sure that you’re using subtitles throughout the video so that those who choose to watch the video on silent are going to understand what is happening!

Expert Cutaways and Transitions Can Make or Break Your Story


Hiring a Greensboro Talking Head Video Production Company that understands the art of storytelling is the first step to ensuring the success of your video for your business, but they must also understand the value in expertly timed cutaways and transitions. Professional film crews will be able to pull this off, ensuring that b-roll footage with relative visuals shows up at just the right point and time and that transitions take the viewer from one subject to the next visually and on cue. This is vital to keeping your audience engaged and on track with your video.

As you can see, producing an expert talking head video requires some pretty in depth knowledge of filmmaking. Hiring a Greensboro Talking Head Video Production Company, like Beverly Boy Productions, will help you to achieve this goal. Give us a call to learn more!

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