Creative Ways to Create an Interview Video for Your Business

Are you looking for creative ways to create an interview video for your business? Interview videos are increasingly becoming the “norm” both for things like vlogs and websites, and for applying to college or to a job. We’ve all seen those interview videos that are kind of difficult to watch. They lack excitement or they’re so unprofessional that you just can’t muse the idea of sitting through another second. Likewise, there are some powerfully creative ways to create an interview video, too. So if you’re looking for a way to showcase your expertise for your website or for an upcoming job interview, the bottom line is – you need to get creative if you want to stand out.

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Coming up with creative ways to create an interview video for your business is about more than just having the right equipment or the right approach. You need a full-fledged idea that is going to knock the socks off your audience. Checkout these creative ways to create an interview video that will “WOW” your audience.

Use the Art of Storytelling to Your Advantage

While you might think of an interview video as a formal question and answer, back and forth, sort of approach, there are more creative ways to get the job done. If you consider the art of storytelling, and how impactful a great story can be on your audience, you’ll find yourself immersed in more ideas that you could possibly film for your interview video. So pick one – or two – and get started!

Use storytelling to create an interview video that will draw the interest of your audience. Instead of using the traditional question and answer, push pull routine, use video to drive the story behind the interview, to showcase core components of each question and to build up audience excitement. You’ll almost certainly have more fun this way, and your audience will too!

Bring Out the Curiosity

So many interview videos have the same pattern of interviewer asking questions and subject answering them, one-to-one, but what if you could create a sense of curiosity among your audience? What if your interviewer asked questions that piqued the interest of the audience and made them truly curious about the answers that you would provide? What if you then stalled on answering, and instead allowed some other core elements to unfold as part of the film before you provided the in-depth answers that your audience was looking for?

Following this line of using curiosity as one of the more creative ways to create an interview video for your business you’ll be able to capture audience attention, hold them there for a while, and deliver key insights that spark their continued investment into your brand.

Insight Comparisons or Compare & Contrast

Some of the best interviews are those that use the compare and contrast method to insight data out of the interview subject and then compare or contrast that data with past interviews or past data. Certainly not everyone is skilled enough to handle these kinds of comparison interviews, but if you can pull it off, they can be incredibly interesting for the audience and fun to watch.

In comparing your thoughts or answers to those of past clients or subjects, you can achieve a unique approach that few interviews actually accomplish effectively. While this is certainly one of the more creative ways to create an interview video that you can use to represent your business, it will require more advanced planning on the questions and the comparisons or direct steps to contrast the data that is defined.

The Humorous Approach

If your business isn’t something too serious you might be able to get away with a more humorous approach to filming your corporate interview. In fact, many business owners like to take a humorous approach to the creation of an interview video. In this manner, instead of every question being directly relative to the business, the approach is more laid back and fun. The interviewer might ask an odd series of questions that are more likely to make the audience find humor or poke fun at the subject.

A humorous approach isn’t always acceptable, and it may not be ideal for the entire interview, but this is one of the more creative ways to create an interview video that is going to be used on social media or to build up brand recognition for those brands that are less likely to be negatively impacted by the use of humor in response to the various insights or details that are being shared.

At Beverly Boy Productions we’ll find the most creative ways to create an interview video that represents your business or brand. With more than two decades of experience and film crews operating worldwide, we can’t wait to assist your team with the filming and creation of expert interview videos that grab hold of your audience and generate great success for your brand.

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