5 Questions to Answer with a New Brand Reveal Video

Producing a new brand reveal video is something that many entrepreneurs face as they come to the point where it’s time to introduce their new brand to the world. Where video was once not something that every new brand could afford, today’s competitive markets really require the inclusion of video as part of an overall marketing and branding strategy. If you’re going to produce a new brand reveal video, it’s important to plan the video out in such a way that you can answer the most important and pressing questions that you consumers will have.

Answering these 5 questions when you produce a new brand reveal video will help you to achieve a successful new brand launch. Before you get started, make sure that you have planned a way to include the answers to these questions in the content that you produce.

  1. Who Am I Speaking To?

Defining your target audience is key when producing a new brand reveal video. This is your opportunity not only to define who you are speaking to, but what it is you want your audience to feel as a result of watching your brand reveal. Knowing who your target audience is and what it is that makes them react is important to the production and planning process.

Much of the target audience definition is based on coming up with content that will directly speak to that specific audience. This is your chance to define exactly what it is that your target audience wants to see, what it is that will make them react, and how you can create a new brand reveal video that is going to directly connect with them on a personal level.

  1. What Message Am I Sending?

Producing a new brand reveal video that sends the right message is important. You have the option of sending a very unique message to your audience. Your job is to define that message. Whether you’re trying to send a message of luxury, or a message of relaxation, or a message that signifies support the goal here is to define the message that you wish your content to send to your target audience.

Don’t try to say it all at once! In an effort to say too much, many brands find that they end up not connecting with their audience at all. This is very important to understand as attempting to send too many mixed signals or not being clear with your messaging will cause your content to be ineffective.

  1. What’s my Budget?

The next important question to answer with a new brand reveal video is what’s the budget? You need to have a set budget for your video content that is going to define how far you can go in production. Whether you’re running on a very low budget and require a very simplistic video or you’re operating on an unlimited budget that allows for a very complex and extravagant video is something that only you can define. This must be answered before you begin seeking the help of a production company to produce the video for you!

If you’re not sure about your budget, keep in mind that as a general rule of thumb, marketing videos cost about $1,000 to $10,000 per finished minute to produce. If you’re looking to produce a new brand reveal video that is 1-2 minutes long, you’re going to require a budget between $1,000 and $20,000 in order to achieve those results. 

  1. How Will I Measure Results?

Another major question to ask with a new brand reveal video is how you will measure the results of your video content. This is your chance to define the key metrics that you will use to define your ROI or the overall value of your video content. Will you measure views? Will you measure sales? Will you measure new customer leads? 

Knowing how you intend to use the various metrics available for you to measure the results of your video content is very important and an integral part of producing a new brand reveal video.

  1. What Emotions Am I Trying to Evoke?

Your new brand reveal video is likely to spike some raw emotions, and your job is to define how you want those emotions to be targeted. What emotions are you trying to evoke from your customer or key audience? Are you looking to incite laughter? Are you trying to incite joy? Are you aiming at evoking a sense of empathy or sadness or surprise?

Defining the emotions that you want to evoke with your video will be a key element of producing a new brand reveal video that is going to relate to your target audience. If you’re still unsure, you need to think about what is going to be most likely to make your audience take action? This is the emotion that you want to evoke with a new brand reveal video that you create!

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