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As a professional business owner that’s proud of your business and the products and services that you provide, it’s important to share your passion for your business with key stakeholders including prospective customers, existing clients, and employees. There’s no better way to achieve this than with a company profile video. The decision to make a company profile video in Birmingham that shows off the amazing features and benefits of your business is a positive step toward a winning marketing campaign.

There’s no doubt video is powerful for marketing and advertising. Birmingham business owners that feature their brands and share their business story through a company profile video can increase consumer awareness, generating higher sales volume, and improve community connections. This is your opportunity to represent your business and personalize your brand.

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What is a Company Profile Video?

Company profile videos are short, 2 minute corporate videos that feature key branding elements and important details about a business including who operates the business, how it operates and the benefits the brand provides to its key audience. For Birmingham business owners, company profile videos are a unique way of engaging the target audience and capitalizing on the more prominent features and important details of the brand.

These interview-driven stories that represent a business use a mix of candid interviews paired with memorable moments and other captivating footage which can be filmed around the office, inside the business, or throughout Birmingham in one of the many scenic locations around town. From the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and Botanical Gardens to Railroad Park or the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, there are plenty of places throughout the city to film your company profile video.

Why Should I Make a Company Profile Video?

Certainly there’s no question as to the importance of digital video marketing. Producing a company profile video that shares the story of your business, how it got started, and the features or benefits provided to residents of Birmingham represents an excellent choice for your brand. It’s your opportunity to prominently display your brand’s best features, core values, and key benefits, and by sharing it all in a video, you can bet your audience will recall up to 90% of what they watch. No other form of marketing content has such lasting recognition among viewers.

Don’t make a company profile video in Birmingham just because it’s a great choice for customer recall, consider producing a company profile video because:

  • You can use it as part of an overall marketing campaign to increase consumer awareness.
  • You can share it on your website, in email, and on social media. 
  • You can use it to personalize your brand and build trust among your audience.
  • Profile videos increase brand conversions online.
  • Profile videos excite the audience, encouraging them to share your brand with the world. 

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What’s Included in a Company Profile Video?

Ready to make a company profile video in Birmingham, but struggling to figure out exactly what to include or where to start? This is your opportunity to share the story of your business, how it got started and what makes it so successful today. A professionally produced company profile video should include:

  • Who your business is.
  • What your business does.
  • How your business operates.
  • Who your business serves.
  • What produces or services you provide.
  • What your core values are.
  • What your brand’s mission is.
  • What your company vision is.

Of course you can include other details and memorable moments that make up your business, too. The style, and delivery of your company profile video is dependent on the film crew you hire and is only limited by the creativity of you and your crew. Through interview-driven testimony and locally captured footage, you’ll share the story of your brand with the prospective customers, clients, and employees that matter most to your brand.

Professional Company Profile Video Production in Birmingham

Beverly Boy Productions specializes in full-service video production providing company profile videos in Birmingham and throughout the Southern US. Give us a call to learn more about our expert film crews and the tactics or techniques we’ll use to unlock the most valuable insight into your business to share the important details of your story with the world. Through branded video shoots, corporate interviews, and candid captures of past memories and events, we’ll create the video version of your brand’s story to make a lasting impression on your audience. This is your opportunity to make your business shine like the start that it strives to be!

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