8 Traits to Look for in a Top Birmingham Cinematographer

8 Traits to Look for in a Top Birmingham Cinematographer

Filmmaking is a fast-paced, creative niche that is certainly not for the faint at heart. It takes someone that is strong, driven, and organized to succeed behind the camera. It’s no surprise that a Birmingham cinematographer is likely to possess several leadership traits including confidence, authority and resourcefulness among the various other traits previously listed. They’re all important traits for a professional camera operator that has a desire to succeed both behind the camera and in life.

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If you’re considering hiring a Birmingham cinematographer, look for someone with the following 8 traits:

1. Organized

There’s a lot to do, in a little time so organization is going to be key on the set. A great cinematographer has their equipment and their intentions clearly organized.

They know what they’re working on, what order they intend to operate in, and why — because doing so means a job well done!

2. Confidence

A great Birmingham cinematographer will be confident in his or her ability to deliver the intended creative vision from behind the camera.

They are confident in their ability to operate equipment and in their ability to create shots that will amaze the audience.

3. Resourceful

Cinematographers have to be resourceful because sometimes it can take a lot of elaborate thinking outside the box in order to achieve the shots that are intended.

In fact, it’s very common for a cinematographer to create entirely new equipment and gear just for the purpose of a single shot or scene.

4. Efficient

Beverly Boy DP hard at work

Filmmakers know that they have limited time on the set or in the studio so capturing all the different shots that were planned and several that may not have been planned is important.

They’ve got to work efficiently in order to get all the work done within the timeframe that they’ve got to work with. 

5. Intuitive

A Birmingham cinematographer can often see the flaw in an intended shot before it even happens or takes place. They’re intuitive and know what a camera is and is not capable of.

They use this intuition to see how the camera and their own manipulation of the equipment can (or cannot) help the creative vision of the Director come to life.

6. Authority

Beverly Boy camera crew

Cinematographers have the authority to direct other members of the camera crew so that the intended shots are captured with ease.

They are born leaders that use their authority to guide others to success for the greater good of their intended project.

7. Integrity

A camera operator that lacks integrity will lack a desire to do what’s right for the purpose of your production.

Look for integrity and a desire to do good for your brand as one of the most important traits for a Birmingham cinematographer to possess.

8. Focused

Of course a camera operator must focus! But this is about more than just focusing a lens. We’re talking about focusing on the creative vision of the director and seeing it through to perfection no matter what it takes!

That’s the kind of focus that a great Birmingham cinematographer will possess!

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