5 Tips When Creating Youtube Life Insurance Videos

Video marketing is a huge opportunity for life insurance agents. In fact, the use of Youtube life insurance videos for your agency could lead to a stronger reputation for your agency in social media, higher following to your brand, and stronger client trust in the product and services that you provide.

But not just any life insurance videos will effectively win your audience’s appreciation and love. Follow these tips when creating Youtube Life Insurance videos to get the best results for your agency.

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1. Create Snackable Content

Snackable content is short, sweet, and to the point. Your audience loves it because it grabs their attention, delivers an engaging experience, and leaves them to move on.

The idea of snackable content for life insurance videos is to deliver short bursts of information that can easily and quickly be consumed without overwhelming the audience. Snackable content should be about 1 minute or less. Something you can share on social media. Deliver the entire point, and if you can’t deliver it in one minute, it’s not snackable content!

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2. Deliver Your Agent Mission Statement with a Story

Video is all about delivering the details of your life insurance agency in the story and with style. Written content cannot do that. Consider the storyline of your mission. Take some time to write out what you love about insurance, why you started the practice, and what you aim to do for your clients. Work with a professional to create Youtube life insurance videos that tell your story for the best results.


3. Record Events & Seminars

Creating Youtube life insurance videos goes beyond the standard meet the agent type content. Consider sharing events and seminars that showcase your involvement in the community and your expertise in the insurance industry. Event videos can be used to show prospects that you are involved and engaged with others in the insurance community, boosting trust in your firm while bolstering your professionalism.

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4. Use Personalized Videos for Prospecting

While it may not make sense to create an individual video for each prospect, you can certainly group prospects into similar categories and create Youtube life insurance videos that meet the unique interests and needs of each group. Consider personalized thank you videos, personalized welcome videos, and the use of personalized followups to boost your conversions.

5. Maximize Your SEO Powers

Youtube life insurance videos that are not fully optimized for SEO are like a huge lost opportunity. Consider the ways that you can maximize your SEO powers by including a link to your Youtube videos on your website, adding important keywords to your video description, and mentioning your agency name and location in the citations to boost your local rankings. These are just some of the ways you can maximize your SEO powers with life insurance videos.

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