4 Ways to Incorporate Aerial Footage Into Your Corporate Videos

4 Ways to Incorporate Aerial Footage Into Your Corporate Videos 

Incorporating aerial footage into corporate marketing videos shows the consumer that you mean business. Not only does it prove that you had a professional help you with video production but it also proves that standing out above the crowd is important to you.

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Whether you’re creating a corporate culture video that showcases your business from above or you’re looking to spice up an About Us page with an aerial view of the town where your business is centered, these 4 ways to incorporate aerial footage into your corporate videos will have your viewers connecting with the birds.

Showcase a Property for All it is Worth 

Real estate businesses know all about this, but the average person spends little time thinking about the location of their business and what it means to the consumer.

However, you can showcase your property and all that it’s worth with aerial footage. Consider the use of an aerial shot of your business, offices and surrounding area, for a corporate about us video or to capitalize on the use of your location as a selling point.

Are you located close to a highway that makes your business easily accessible? Use drone or other aerial footage to show just how close your business is to the exit. This way customers have no excuse not to visit your business.

Share Location of Event

Planning a corporate event? In the corporate event teaser video consider the use of aerial footage that shows an overhead look of the event location before, during and after setup. This is especially valuable if the event location is a major selling point where ticket sales are concerned. 

Aerial footage of the location is great for corporate events that are taking place in a pristine area such as a mountain view resort, or an oceanside hotel villa.

Engage your audience and get them excited about what they will see when they come to your corporate event. Better yet, use aerial shots to capture the event itself and include them in future videos that are used to promote the next year’s event.

Share Local Trends

Is there some local trend that is visible from up above as it relates to your business? Perhaps you are a hospitality business that is creating a corporate video to entice visitors to come to your hotel?

Aerial footage can be used to provide an up-to-date look at the entire landscape and surrounding area even if viewers have already come here before. Sometimes a birds eye view is all you need to spark the engagement and excitement that you seek from those who are taking part in your story.

Explain Complex Larger than Life Processes 

Does your business take part in some form of work that is larger than life and difficult to capture from the ground?

This may seem weird or difficult to understand unless your business is responsible for renewable energy, recycling processes, saved water supplies, or some other extravagant element that is otherwise difficult to fathom without intense overhead shots taken from above. 

Aerial footage can be used to capture lakes and rivers, a growing garden, a vast view of the land, or some other form of footage that cannot be captured from the ground.

Capture the creative elements of your business that are larger than life to your brand and we bet your audience will be excited to see what you have to say.

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