What is a Trilogy Film?

What is a Trilogy Film? Sometimes, when a film is being produced you might hear it referenced as part of a Trilogy. Or it could be described as part of a saga or sequel. These terms are common in filmmaking as well as in the creation of books and storylines. But what is a trilogy […]

What is a Talking Head Shot?

What is a Talking Head Shot? The use of various shots and camera movements are common in filmmaking. Especially when creating documentaries or similar forms of film production. One of the most common shots that you’ll see used in news, sports, and documentary television is the talking head shot. Cinematographers love to capture the closeup […]

What is Golden Hour for the Film Union?

What is Golden Hour for the Film Union_

Throughout the filmmaking industry there are various film unions like SAG-AFTRA that provide labor support for film workers. To ensure they are properly represented in the workforce. And to prevent film workers from being taken advantage of. These unions have a lot of different rules and requirements. Some of which have random terms to describe […]

What Five Elements Make up a Standard Film Soundtrack?

What Five Elements Make up a Standard Film Soundtrack_

Producing a film soundtrack requires the inclusion of several basic elements. That make up the total ending soundtrack. Which represents a mix of songs, dialogue, film score. And other audible tones that represent the mood and style of the film. Learning what five elements make up a standard film soundtrack is important to help you get a […]

What is Film Score & Soundtrack?

What is Film Score Soundtrack? Music in films represents a unique means of adding sound to the production. Such that it pulls together the overall tone and mood. In a way that helps people to feel connected and engaged with what they’re viewing on the screen. Various types of music, and the addition of accompaniments […]

What is SFX in Film?

What is SFX in Film? In filmmaking special effects are incorporated into videos for a variety of purposes to add visual illusions and to trick the audience’s eyes. For a newly aspiring filmmaker, or someone that’s not had much formal education in the film industry, the idea of visual effects and special effects might be […]

What is a Spaghetti Western?

What is a Spaghetti Western? Western films represented a milestone genre in cinema throughout the 1950s and 1960s. With this genre would then come several subgenres of Western film production. Including the Spaghetti Western. With a unique background and history, Spaghetti Westerns were really not like the traditional U.S. Western films. But exactly what is […]

What Was the First Talkie Film?

What Was the First Talkie Film? Technology has largely shaped the film industry. With many different advances in audio, color, and other forms of filmmaking technology taking place over the past century. Perhaps though, the biggest and most profound evolution in the film industry is the shift from silent films to the first talkie. History […]

What is Technicolor?

What is Technicolor? Throughout the history of filmmaking, several different techniques and processes have evolved to result in the creation of color motion picture films. In fact, one of the words we hear more frequently when referring to color in film is “Technicolor.” But, what is Technicolor? And how did this process of adding color […]