What is Aspect Ratio?

What is Aspect Ratio? Much of how you view film and video from various devices depends on the aspect ratio. Whether you’re in a theater viewing a movie on the big screen. Or you’re at your desk scrolling through footage on your computer station. Or you’re on the couch watching your iPhone. Each of these […]

What is a Stunt Coordinator?

What is a Stunt Coordinator? The stunt coordinator is an experienced individual that is often found wherever the main action is taking place on the film set. This individual has a lot of responsibility, and is likely to present anything there’s some death defying stunt or dangerous and unbelievable act to take place within a […]

What is Subjective Camera in Film?

Interesting enough, the use of different camera angles and framing conventions directly impacts how your audience reacts to your film. Want to give your audience a direct connection to your protagonist’s mind? Give them the opportunity to get inside the protagonist’s head with subjective camera. But how? And, what is subjective camera in film? [blog-contact […]

What is a Stock Character in Film?

What is a Stock Character in Film? The use of stock characters in film and video are representative of the stereotypical archetypes that tend to be recurring in many fictional works.  Chances are, you recognize the stock character, because he or she is likely to have a predefined label, and distinctive characteristics that you quickly […]

What is Subplot in Film?

What is Subplot in Film? Many of the films and television shows that we frequently engage with are built on incredibly prominent foundations of plot and subplot. While filmmakers have many options in enhancing their use of plot in filmmaking, the subplot is one of the most widely used functions and most well-recognized. The use […]

What are Superimposed Images in Film?

What are Superimposed Images in Film

The layering of images in filmmaking can create various impressions that otherwise were never before able to be achieved. In fact, throughout filmmaking and production, the superimposition of images is a common practice that allows the filmmaker to subliminally draw comparison between images and connect with the audience. Sometimes referred to as the “3rd Shot” […]

What is Stock Footage in Film?

What is Stock Footage in Film? Stock footage can be an excellent resource for filmmakers and studio owners. In fact, pretty much anyone that works in the film industry knows the value and importance of stock footage. And most production companies will keep an entire library of stock footage at their disposal. Even if you’ve […]

What is a Stinger in Film?

What is a Stinger in Film?

Film terminology is certainly something that takes some getting used to, even for the most avid filmmaker. So many different terms are used to describe various elements, situations, and activities involved in the filmmaking process and the film industry. While there are certainly a lot of different filmmaking terms and various lingo for newbie filmmakers […]

What is a Stunt Double?

What is a Stunt Double? Working the film set is an active, and engaging opportunity for most of the cast and crew involved. Yet, no other position for cast or crew is as dangerous as the job of the stunt double. In fact, the stunt double’s position is so dangerous. That there are very few […]

What is a Logline in Screenwriting?

What is a Logline in Screenwriting? Before any screenplay ever makes its way to the big screen, it’s got to stand out in front of the Producers that read it. But, producers are faced with so many spec scripts from screenwriters that are hoping to make it big, that they rarely read an entire script […]