What is an Intercut Shot?

Film editing is a complex art that requires many years of experience in order to achieve even basic proficiency. Some of the most valuable motion picture sequences are the result of advanced intercutting. In order to alternate from one scene to another, at the same time. In fact, in film editing, cutting from scene to […]

What is Elliptical Editing in Film?

What is Elliptical Editing in Film?

What is Elliptical Editing in Film? Elliptical editing in film can be used to condense long clips. In order to improve the underlying narrative while delivering the intended details of the scene. The process includes making changes to the order of various clips. So that only those that are most valuable are saved. And those […]

What is an Insert Shot?

What is an Insert Shot? Insert shots are one of several simple. But incredibly useful shots that filmmakers can use to emphasize action within a narrative. When used correctly, insert shots can draw the attention of the audience onto a very specific area or detail within the scene. But exactly what is an insert shot? […]

What is a High Angle Shot in Film?

What is a High Angle Shot in Film? The positioning of your actors within your camera frame can make a world of difference in the emotions that are drawn from your audience in relation to the scene. Framing your actors from a high angle, for instance. It can be used to create tension. Or to […]

What is a J Cut?

What is a J Cut? Film editing is an incredibly complicated process. That involves many complex tasks that require years of practice and experience. In order to achieve a proficiency that’s enough to successfully edit film on a professional level. Some of the techniques in film editing that are most frequently used are also the […]

What is an Iris-Out?

What is an Iris-Out

Early cinematography techniques were far less advanced than the techniques that are available in today’s filmmaking. But early filmmakers used the techniques that were available at the time to make the best of what they had to work with. Some of the earliest means of transitioning from one scene to the next was through irising. […]

What is a Flash Forward in Film?

What is a Flash Forward in Film_

Various techniques and principles are used in filmmaking to guide the narrative. And set the stage for the next scene. One rather common literary element that is frequently seen in filmmaking is the flashforward. Which may also be known as the prolepsis. But what is a flash forward in film? And how is the flash-forward […]

What is a Hybrid Film?

What is a Hybrid Film_

Have you ever watched a movie that was driven by music. But was also incredibly romantic? For example, Beauty and the Beast is one such movie in which there are incredibly strong musical elements but the plot is that of your typical romance film. If you were to categorize the film, would you say it […]

What is a Head on Shot in Film?

What is a Head on Shot in Film_

Filmmakers use different types of shots. Such as the head-on shot which provides a frontal, eye-level view of a character. To evoke various audience responses. But what is a head on shot in film and why is this type of shot popular? What emotions can be generated using an eye level shot that faces the […]

In Filming, What is a Gel Used For?

In Filming, What is a Gel Used For? The use of gels in filmmaking is something that many aspiring filmmakers question at first. Wondering what they are for and why. In fact, it’s very common for a new filmmaker to ask, “In filming, what is a gel used for?” This is because there are actually […]