What is Ambiguous Space in Film?

What is Ambiguous Space in Film? The representation of space in visual storytelling is an important element for new and aspiring filmmakers to grasp and understand. Various types of space, including deep space, flat space, limited space, and ambiguous space in film can be represented in different shots and scenes. Resulting in various outcomes and […]

What is Blocking and Staging in Film?


As an aspiring filmmaker, you probably notice a lot about the films you watch as you see the characters. And their actions play out on the screen. Perhaps you’re thinking about the lighting. Or the camera angles or what you would do to make the scene “better.” You might even watch. And consider how intricate […]

What is Filming on Cyclorama?

What is Filming on Cyclorama? The use of a cyclorama may seem like a relatively simple concept for someone that works in production. But for someone that is new to the film industry? The term might be completely new. Cyclorama isn’t a bicycle, and it’s not all that exciting, either. In fact, filming on cyclorama […]

What is the Parallel Cut in Film Editing?

What is the Parallel Cut in Film Editing? Various forms of editing in post-production can be used to improve the visual quality of a film. Keeping the viewer engaged and interested. You might have heard the term, “synergy,” before? What it means, essentially, is that one plus one is equal to more than two or, […]

What is Shot Blocking in Film?

When you hear the term “shot blocking,” do you think about preventing a shot from taking place? If you’re a basketball player, you certainly do. But as a filmmaker, the mind might take a different approach. In film, various terms are used to describe processes that involve the camera movements, position, and use of equipment […]

How Does Aperture Affect Depth of Field?

How Does Aperture Affect Depth of Field? Learning about aperture and depth of field will be a heavy focus for your early filmmaking days! While you get to know your camera and how to adjust simple elements to create extreme changes to the shots that you capture. As an aspiring filmmaker, it’s important for you […]

A Simple Cameo Definition in Film

A Simple Cameo Definition in Film In filmmaking, there are many different terms and uses of industry lingo. This can make understanding conversations in the industry challenging for a newcomer. For example, the term, “cameo role” is one that frequently comes up. But can be incredibly difficult for the average person to pinpoint a meaning. […]

What are Blaxploitation Films?

What are Blaxploitation Films? The rise of blaxploitation films became rather prominent in the 1970s. It could be seen in an increase in the number of films that had settings or narratives that focused heavily on the Northeast, or West Coast. In which characters interacted in predominantly poor, urban neighborhoods. Perhaps you’ve heard the term, […]