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Cost of Video Production in Miami

video production cost in Miami

Video Production cost, just how much is it? This is the golden question. Asking this question is kind of like asking, How much does a car cost? Well i guess it all depends on what kind of car you want? A 1995 V6 Honda civic, with 250,000 miles? or would you maybe prefer a Bentley Continental GTC V8. well these are two very different cars, one of them is by many estimates, an inexpensive, not highly regarded car that will just get you from A-B (sometimes). The other could be considered very flashy, expensive, and extremely luxurious. Both of these cars will drive on the road just the same, they will both take up the same amount of space in a Mall parking lot. and they both have an engine, and 4 wheels. However, one will turn heads, while the other wouldn’t get a second glance.

This analogy is very fitting when it comes to video production cost. We first must understand that your idea, the vision of what you want your video to look like will ultimately determine the cost. Once we are clear on what you see in your mind, then we can have a conversation about cost. Some people simply want a basic video to show on YouTube, not much fuss, not to concerned with lighting, and sound. Others may want a cutting edge masterpiece that they are going to premier at a trade show to promote their business. Well this is kind of like the older model car on its last leg, versus the brand new shiny Bentley. Well, There is a definite solution for both of these scenarios. if you click the link below we will try to manage your expectations and answer all of your questions about video production cost, there are so many factors that can determine the budget of a video production, and we have outlined many of them in the category’s below. Or, if you quickly want to find out how much your video will cost, give our office a call, we are able to give you a free consultation, and a quick quote today