This is the first major reality TV show that we produced. We had the great opportunity to work with Ginuwine and his management on this project. This production took place over the course of several days. We first began with pre production, we we met in downtown Miami at the intercontinental hotel for a production meeting to go over particulars, crew, flights, schedule and the like. The plan was to capture footage of the artist during a long awaited comeback campaign. we were to film in Miami, and Ft Lauderdale, various events, and appearances. The pilot would cover Ginuwine in the studio, listening to new music, feeling out different producers, as well as looking for local dancers for his upcoming videos.

Once the plan for Miami was set, we moved on to the Baltimore, and Washington DC leg of the production. We were told by the network that it would be important to explore his family life, his home town and really dig deep into his home life. while shooting a reality TV show for a network, it is imperative that you follow the plan, making sure we meet the needs, of all request. Once we solidified the family’s schedule we began organizing different scenarios, and planning the specific days so that we could maximize on the time that we would spend at the family’s home. After our initial pre production meeting in downtown, a few days later we would meet on South Beach for an official pre production meeting with the executive producers, management, and full above the line crew, i.e. director, writer, story producer, show runner, and field producer.

While having lunch on the beach, we went into full discussion about various elements of the Reality TV show, and touched on elements of the show that would really set it apart from the other reality shows currently on TV. the executive producers were very generous in allowing for us to manage the entire project, they trusted us to do what we do best, produce. Once we wrapped up the pre production meeting, we were all ready to crew up and begin filming. the planes were scheduled to come in bright and early Monday morning, and we were prepped and ready to go. In the next blog i will discuss the production of the show, some of the challenges, we had, pitfalls, and funny moments while filming this groundbreaking reality show.

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