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We produced this corporate sizzle reel for a great client from Connecticut who found us online and hired us to film their Key West Florida corporate event and produce their business sizzle reel for business promotion. They searched the web forĀ  Miami Corporate Video Services and came across our website. We first discussed their expectations for the video, we then talked about how we would execute on their ideas to make their vision come to life. Once we settled on a final budget, we scheduled the filming dates. We were very fortunate to be able to film this segment at a resort in Key West, it was not a hard sell to the crew at all. Once on set we quickly acclimated to the protocol of the day, and then began implementing our plan of action. As the event went on, we strategically gathered people for talking head shot interviews. While our cinematographer and sound man were filming the interviews, our second camera operator was capturing b-roll. Once all of the footage was captured, the crew packed up and headed back to the studio for post production. The client really wanted something engaging and eye catching, so our editor and motion graphics artist worked together to create a compelling and moving piece. The corporate marketing video came out wonderfully, and the client was very pleased with the end result, so much so that the next time they needed Miami corporate video services, they didn’t have to go to Google, they have come back to us a number of times since.

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