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Higher Education Video Production

We were contacted by Florida International University to embark on a higher education video production for one of their student service programs. The first step in the process was a series of meetings with the school, after beating out our local competition for the job, we set up our first pre production meeting. During our first pre production meeting we discussed the look and feel for the video that they were looking to do. They had a script written by a staff member that outlined what they were looking to cover. The script was written by a novas writer, so our first task was to get the script re-written by our professional script writer. This way we were able to format the script properly, and get it ready for our first table read.  A table read is a very important element in pre production, typically the entire cast of actors, and key members of the crew will sit around the table and read through the entire script. This way, if anyone has any questions about anything, it can be cleared up by the Director, Writer, or Producer on the spot. Once the table read is complete we are then ready for production. The location for this project took place over 2 days and 2 separate campuses. We were able to gain access to the key places on each campus that was required for the project. When embarking on a higher education video production, it is important to get all of the shots that are needed within the allotted timeframe. This way we can insure that we have plenty of coverage for post production. once we completed the final edit, the client was enthralled with the video, and couldn’t wait to get it on their website.

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