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When it comes to Healthcare video production, we are your one stop shop. We offer Medical videos for internal use, trade shows, or even internet marketing. This particular video was produced for a hospice supplier. They wanted to target their client with a specific video to promote their services, and give the consumer an overall view of their operation. The first step for producing this video was to schedule a creative consultation. We met with the client in their office to go over the look and feel of their spot. One great thing that the client did was to show us a video from their competitor, that gave us a really clear idea of what they were looking for, and what they wanted to avoid. Once we discussed the concept of the video, we discussed creating the script. The script is so important because it is the foundation of the project. The script will determine the schedule, who will be included in the video, and the overall feel of the final product. once we finished pre production, the second phase of the process was scheduled  “production”. We embarked on their facility with 3 DSLR HD cameras, 2 boom microphones, and ample lighting ready to film raw footage and plenty of b-roll. Our director of photography set out to locate the best areas on site to capture the all important talking headshots, and sit down interviews. Our second camera focused on capturing impressive b-roll within the facility. once post production started we had an ample amount of footage to work with to put together a great final project for our client.

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