corporate video production cost

Corporate Video Production Cost

How much do Corporate Videos cost to produce?

Corporate video production cost can vary depending on a few different variables. some people ask is there a cost per minute, or do you charge per hour. The short answer to these questions is no. We charge our clients based upon their individual needs and circumstances. Let’s say you work in the warehouse district and have 7k square feet of space, but you want to make it look like you have pristine executive office space, with 30k square feet of warehouse. It is our job to make this happen. We understand that most of your business is done overseas, and you want to project a certain image to your foreign clients. We will create the illusion that you are aiming for. The budget for your corporate video would hinge on us renting an executive office to film your interview, and talking head shots. We would hire models to give the appearance of class and appeal. We would then bring out the necessary equipment to film your warehouse in such a way that it would appear to be 3 times the size. Once complete we would edit the video, and include royal tee free music, a professional voice over and custom animated logo for ultimate branding. Something like this could easily run you 30k. Or we could scale it down and focus on capturing the essence of your business, no large scale production, just creativity and simplicity. This approach could range anywhere from $3,500 to 10k depending on a few different variables. Are we shooting outside, or inside, how many lights do you need, do we need a teleprompter, or cue cards, etc. . so if your question is, how much does corporate video cost the answer lies in you. When it comes to Corporate video production cost, we can make it simple, just give us a call we will tailor a budget that works for your bottom line.