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We are experts at creating compelling Church Marketing Video, when it comes to Church Video Production, We are your #1 source! This video was one of many that we did for this client. They were interested in creating web videos, and webmercials for their church. during pre production we sat around a huge table and met with the elders and pastoral staff of the church. Their challenge for us was to create an engaging set of marketing videos that would highlight three distinct services that they offer. We ran a bunch of scenarios to figure out the best time to film this church video production. The greatest fear from some was the fact that we would be filming the videos during the summer time which is traditionally low in attendance. On top of that the weather forecast predicted rain on every available film date that was selected. On the morning of production, we were not surprised to see a very light turnout, so our DP kicked into gear. We quickly made the adjustment and began prepping to film to create the illusion of a full house. During the service, we were able to capture a lot of great shots. While filming this church promotional video we were able to capture all of what we planned for. The client  was very happy with the outcome of the video, and the congregation was equally pleased with how it all came together.

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