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Church TV Commercials

This was a labor of love for us, we love to do meaningful work that will positively touch the masses. We have been producing church TV commercials for some time now, and this project was one that had been in the making for some time. The Pastoral staff of this church reached out to us with hopes that we could help them break into TV advertising for their church. They had a specific message that they were interested in highlighting, and a certain way they wanted to get the message across. We met with the elders of the church to discuss concept, and the look and feel for the spot and the market for the church TV ad. We discussed possible filming dates, and who would be highlighted in the 30 second church commercial. Once pre production was complete, we prepared for production. Producing a TV commercial for church, is quite different than many different industries. After all you are imposing on the space of many people during a very sacred time. Keeping this in mind, we try to be as invisible as possible during the production process. While filming the worship service, and communion we were able to float around the congregation with a steady cam, this enabled us to get great shots, while seamlessly moving through the sanctuary. during the sermon, many of the church members didn’t even notice our presence, as they were listening intently to the pastor. The deacons allowed us to move about the auditorium without any obstacles. Once we finished filming this 30 second church commercial, the pastor expressed interest in doing television advertising for the church as well. We were able to set them up with a very effective TV campaign in their local area, which proved to be very successful for them.

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